Climate and Energy in a Complex Transition Process
towards Sustainable Hyderabad

Mitigation and adaptation strategies by changing institutions,
governance structures, lifestyles and consumption patterns

Welcome to the Website of the Megacity Project Hyderabad!

Hyderabad is an emerging megacity in Southern India. Rapid increase of population and fast economic growth cause expanding energy and resource consumption and constantly increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change will lead to extreme weather events, disastrous floods, strong heat waves, extreme droughts and increasing water scarcity. One third of the population is living below poverty line and suffers from severe food and health problems. In this particular environment, responding to the anticipated climate change impact requires exploring greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation strategies and ways towards increased energy efficiency and renewable energy. The core hypothesis of the Project is that “getting the institutions right” is one main key to solve the problems of sustainable resource use and to achieve a sustainable development of the Hyderabad region.

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