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afrointroductions login

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Image copyright Google Image caption An animated GIF from Google which shows people's face while they try to enter the site using an afro

You see this face? You're using an outdated browser and this afro is not a good enough match.

A study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the US found that the more often people used the same facial features, the better the chances of getting in.

It means that if a person wants to get in, all they need to do is pick up on the features of the person they're seeing - the face, the lips, eyes, and voice - and start speaking with them, as quickly as possible.

"It's a very short, simple, and easy step to get in," explained University of Pennsylvania anthropologist Dan Siegel. "If you're someone who has been to some events, or seen people, or spoken with a lot of people, this is a pretty easy thing to do, and you have a very good chance of getting in."

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The research focused on how to get in using face recognition software

The researchers said that the facial features were muslims marriage also important - there was evidence that people with darker skin tended to be less likely to be accepted.

But as the researchers themselves noted, "if we uae girls can tell the difference between a white and black face, we can easily guess a lot about whether the person will be accepted."

They're not the only people using this method. The Washington Post reported on a man called John, who made the mistake of using the same face at the edmonton muslim same event as the man he was meeting with. He was accepted, and he's now a successful software developer.

It seems this method of getting into a new place is becoming popular, and that, according to Mr Siegel, it's becoming "a very useful vivastreet pakistani way for young people to connect with new people".

In this case it seems to be a simple technique to get in, but in the future, could one day be used to get in on a dating site or other online social network - so that, for example, you sweedish men could try to hook-up with an already existing friend and try to get into their social network.

The researchers note that while this was the "first study to examine the success of face recognition in a social context, it is the first study in which face recognition was used to select members of a group of individuals".

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