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There is no law that forbids a Muslim woman to enter into any marriage, monogamy or polygamy unless it is for a man that is not a Muslim. If her husband is a Muslim, she can marry him and even have children with him. The following are other examples of Muslim marriages that are legal. In each case, a woman could get married if her husband was a Muslim, but a Muslim could also marry a non-Muslim if his faith is not the only requirement. A man could have his children converted to Islam by his Muslim wife, but the woman would have to convert to Islam edmonton muslim for that to happen.

1. Sufyanah and Fatima of Arabia (11th century)

In this marriage, Sufyanah was a slave-girl from the Yemen. Her father had left her in an isolated place where she became pregnant by her father's first wife. Her father took her back to his hometown and sold her off to a rich merchant who would pay her as slave-girls were then. After the wedding, the merchant's wife returned to her home and fatima, who was already pregnant, became pregnant with her husband's child. After the birth of the child, Sufyanah was freed. Her husband and the merchant fled to the Holy Land and found their way to Najd. At that time, there was an event that is mentioned that is very similar to the Sufi's experience of 'Umar and the Prophet. This is a marriage in which a slave girl was sold into marriage for a few months of service to the household. The wife, after the marriage was over, found out that she was pregnant and was forced to give birth to her child. After the child was born, Sufyanah was freed from her husband. The same story is told of 'Umar, who is said to have escaped the same situation as the Prophet in the presence of one of his wives.

The Qur'an is very clear about this: "And when you take a wife, desire her as your dowry" (2:228). This verse is in direct connection with the preceding verse (2:228). It also clearly states that, for a Muslim, he should strive for a high status and a high position, but not take on an excessive wife.

This is why the Qur'an commands the man to stay away from an excessive wife. If a man is willing to do this and have the ability to achieve it, then why not go for it?

Here is the reason for the Prophet's extreme caution on women. If a woman is unable to fulfill her role and fulfills her duties, she becomes unfit. The Prophet indian matrimonial sites in canada of Islam said to his companions: "The most beautiful is the man that has attained a high position in life." (Bukhari)

Ibn Muddath reports from Abdullah Ibn Umar, a companion of the Prophet, that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "One who marries a woman who lacks honor, wealth, beauty, skill, or wisdom is like one who has married a cow who lacks all the characteristics of a cow." (Sahih Muslim)

This verse is an expression of the fact that the woman should be modest and not be extravagant. I believe that if you were to see a woman with the proper characteristics, then you would immediately realize that she is not a woman that deserves to be with you.

Here is another verse that is about the honor and beauty of a man. I am going to quote from the hadith to the point that you would think the man would be angry with her. I will start with the Sahih (authentic) chain.

Narrated Aisha: The Prophet said, "Whoever takes the life of his mother or his sister, then I am more likely to accept it of him, then when a woman kills a man who has left a dead child or a dead cow, I will accept it of her." (Sahih al-Bukhari)

This man was killed for committing adultery. As the Prophet said in the above hadith, if a man commits adultery, he is more likely to be killed.

I think that it would be a bit unfair to say that if he had been killed, the women and children would have been left behind.