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This article is about asiandating. If you ever wanted to find out more about dating muslims from around the world, this is for you. Read more of asiandating: Why are Muslim men not the best dating prospects?

1. The main reason why the majority of the Muslim men from the world are unable to find their soul mate is because of lack of education, job prospects, religious beliefs and many more factors. However, one thing that is most likely true about all Muslim men is the fact that the vast majority of them are poor. This is why when a Muslim man in the Western World meets a poor Muslim woman, they instantly start to develop a relationship.

2. Many women in the Muslim World prefer Muslim men over men from other faiths because of their poor social and economical status and their low salary. This fact means that the majority of Muslim men don't have the chance to meet their soul mates. 3. When a Muslim man meets his soul mate, his heart breaks for him as he feels that this person would never commit to him if he were not Muslim. This fact makes the Muslim man hate himself. 4. If a Muslim man sees a Muslim girl from a different faith, he immediately begins to feel guilty for dating a non-Muslim woman, especially if this is the first time he's met a Muslim girl. This is because he fears that his soulmate will never love and accept him for who he is. Muslim men believe that if he does not have a soulmate, he will never be loved. They don't want anyone to see them as a Muslim. This is why Muslim men are very jealous when they see a non-Muslim woman, because they fear that their soulmate might reject them. 5. Muslim men can't live without their wives, as most Muslim women work in the home. They also believe that Muslims should marry after they finish studying their religion. The women in sweedish men the Muslim household often take care of their husbands and their children. 6. When you are on your first trip in the US, Muslim men always take a long time to greet you, and they always ask your name.

7. When they talk to you, Muslim men always say "God is great" instead of "Peace be upon you". If you were to say, "Peace be upon my mother, father, sister and son, all of you, who have served me for many years, thank you for your service, for you are all my friends" then their reaction would be something like, "I am sorry, I think that the word 'God' is more suitable for you than 'Peace Be Upon You'." 8. Muslim men say "Salaam" three times in the morning before getting up in the morning. 9. Muslim men never ask for their wife's hand. If they do, they are usually too embarrassed to ask. Instead, they would rather be very loud and ask for her hand in a public place. 10. Muslim men say "Wa-alalah", or "peace be upon you", for the last two times they meet their wife. 11. Muslim men don't kiss their women, especially not for a long time. They just kiss them once or twice, which isn't a big deal. 12. Muslim men make eye contact with their women from time to time. 13. Muslim women don't touch each other, although it is perfectly okay for them to do that, and it isn't forbidden by Islam. 14. Muslim women never wear any kind of jewelry, which is a bit odd. 15. Muslim men, if you don't want to take a long, awkward, but rewarding walk, ask the man to take you. He'll do it, even if it takes 20 minutes. 16. Muslim men do not like the vivastreet pakistani smell of the women's hair. This is one of the best things to happen to the Western world. 17. Muslim men, when their wives go for the washroom, ask them to give you the keys. If you want to use the washroom without paying, the men will insist. 18. If you ask a Muslim man to have sex with you, he has to ask you to get edmonton muslim on your knees and ask him indian matrimonial sites in canada if he is willing to do that. He must first get the consent of you, his wife or other women close to you. The men then uae girls tell you that he is not allowed to do that and you must go with him to the bathroom. If you ask him again, he will deny that it is a sin. 19. Muslims will do anything to get their women to do their bidding. Even if you are a non-Muslim woman or man. 20. Muslim men are not allowed to be friends with a muslims marriage non-Muslim woman/man. 21. The women who want to date non-Muslim men are to be very wary of them. It can be very uncomfortable for them, as you will see. 22. Islam is not a religion of peace and is very violent. 23. Men who marry Muslim women are not allowed to have sex with them. 24. Muslim women have to stay in a separate room from non-Muslim men. 25. If you're a Muslim man and you have to go to a female restroom, you'll be kicked out of your house. 26. Muslims who go to other religions will be killed or put to death. 27. There sex dating bristol are no gay or lesbian relationships in Islam. 28. If a gay man falls in love with someone and they say that they are in love with him, he should not be allowed to marry them. This has been stated in the hadith of Sahih al-Bukhari (Sahih Muslim), and is as such. 29. Allah has commanded us to pray five times a day. 30. Muslim women should not pray in a full burqa because it is too revealing for them. They are to wear a hijab. It is forbidden to let a man touch a woman's face. A man should not look at a woman's naked body. He must look at the face.