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autoriser pop up

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I have met an autoriser pop up who can speak a lot of Arabic uae girls but is very rude indian matrimonial sites in canada towards us (you can understand if you have met them before) - He will not answer my questions about Islam. He also says that he would rather read about Islam than to speak to me. I told him that I was just trying to ask questions about Islam and not to get offended. He told me he could read it as a Quran and had been reading it for a long time and could tell me if he was wrong or right. He could not give me any information about the Quran. He said it was very important for Muslims and he did not have anything else to say about Islam, but I don't know about this because I have never spoken to this guy before and he told me all of this to get me to leave the country. So after this I will leave the country. He said that I should be careful what I say in front of him. He then called me a whore and a Muslim prostitute. He said I would not be treated the same way as people who work in the military and that it would not be fair to the women, but this was the first time I had met this person before and it was very disturbing. I was also told that if I wanted to leave the country I would have to give up my American citizenship and become an Iranian citizen.

After he hung up I took out my phone and called his cell number. After waiting about 30 minutes he told me that he had the address of his friend's house so I could go there. I immediately began to feel guilty because I didn't go there but I was in a desperate situation, I was so scared. He then asked me to meet him there but I told him that I don't feel safe and that I did not want to meet someone I didn't know. After we spoke he said he wanted me to go to another meeting and said he would call me in 10 minutes. I left my cell and went into my house. I was scared, I had to find a place that I could go with the hope of finding someone sex dating bristol I could sleep with. At this point I knew he didn't want me and was waiting for me at my door and I didn't know what to do. He asked me if I wanted to go to his room and I said no. He started yelling at me saying I was lying and I could go to any meeting he wanted. I told him I wanted to find out where I was from first and if that was not the case then I wasn't interested in going to his room. He threatened to call the police and said if he could talk to his girlfriend and I wasn't going to see him then it would be best to not see him. When he muslims marriage got up from the bed he pulled off his robe and began trying to have sex with me. I was in fear of my life and knew if I stayed quiet I would be arrested. I told him I had a few friends who were Muslim, a few who were of a different religion but that was not an issue with me. He asked me to let him do it and said it was okay because he wasn't going to do anything to harm me.

It took me a few hours to get my feelings under control after that. I was still terrified and unsure. The other two girls I met that night weren't Muslim and were nice but they weren't really my type. There were other young women with me but I didn't really know them. So when I got home I sat there in my house feeling like I was going to cry for an hour or so. I was so afraid I would be hurt and I thought that was weird. The next day was Friday and I didn't really know what to say so I just told my mother and she called the police. I went to the station, I told them my friend and I were going out to get drinks and that was it. I didn't know the details about the girls but my friend was saying there had been a fight and I was going to let her know what had happened sweedish men and she would make sure that the police got there right away. My friend told me to call the police and it was my turn to be scared but I was very grateful to get my friend there. When they got there I told them that I had called the police and that I would make sure they get there as soon as possible. They left in their cars. I was crying so much I felt like I could not talk. They got the girls and put me in a room and they all left. I stayed there until they left. It is very scary to be alone in a country where they have so many people following a very strict religion. I would love to know more about them. I feel really sorry for them. They have so many edmonton muslim problems that I don't understand and they don't care. If I knew this I vivastreet pakistani would have never taken the test.

I was really nervous and wanted to tell someone but it took a long time to get over it. I didn't think they would believe me, they were a very nice family and I was sure I would be the only girl and they would accept me. I couldn't wait to tell them what I had learned about their religion.