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average height in indonesia

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Indonesian men in general are about 4-5cm shorter than average. This is one of the few countries where a Muslim man is about a half inch shorter than the average American man. This height difference may seem like a small difference, but it actually means that an Indonesian man would have to sweedish men be almost an inch taller than average to have his penis longer. This height difference is not all that noticeable to the naked eye, but it can mean that you will have to make adjustments if you have to have an erection during intercourse, and sometimes, you may even have to make some changes during your relationship with your partner. So, if you have a Muslim man in your life, make sure you do all the necessary adjustments to make your relationship last longer.

So far, we have been discussing average height in Indonesia. If you want to find out about the average height of men from other countries, be sure to read the article on the Average height and average weight of the men around the world.

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