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About this series of articles

The purpose of this series is to share information that has been found from many sources including interviews with those who are currently living and working in different countries and from those who live and work sex dating bristol in some of the world's most famous Muslim countries. I hope that these articles will give you an insight into what life is like for people living in Muslim countries and will give you a better understanding of what is going on in their lives. I will try to do my best to be factual and factual is what I will aim to provide. I would also like to offer you a chance to comment on the articles that are being presented so that you can share your thoughts and concerns. I appreciate your thoughts and have put a lot of thought into the articles and have tried to provide as much information as I could, however, I must stress that everything presented is based on my personal observations and experiences of my time spent living and working in Muslim countries.

This article was originally written in 2008 and as I mentioned in the first article, the information is outdated as I had only uae girls just started my journey back to the UK in 2004. In my new article you will find some of the information and experiences that I have been sharing with people in Muslim vivastreet pakistani countries over the years. The following is based on interviews I have conducted with people living in Muslim countries who are active in the Muslim community and I have also attempted to include some of the experiences of people I met in other walks of life. These interviews have provided me with information that I believe may be of interest to those who are looking for information regarding what life is like in Muslim countries. "You know, there are so many of these "exotic" Muslims that we meet in the UK. Many have never been to the UK, and have a lot of questions about our culture and religion. They are curious, but when they are asked about their religion, they seem really afraid of saying that they are Muslim. " - Ali Al-Mubarak, "How I Became an Islamic Muslim", interview in The Muslim Voice, October 2008 "I am a British-born Muslim living in Pakistan, and was raised in a relatively conservative family with an Islamic upbringing, which was reinforced by the TV show 'Muslim for the Muslims'. It was my experience that in the west, people in general, and even Muslims, were much more open to the idea of being a Muslim and were much more likely to consider themselves Muslim than I was. That changed, and I began to question some aspects of my religion. I grew increasingly fearful of my faith in what I had been taught from a very young age. I edmonton muslim decided to make the switch to Islam for personal reasons. It was a very difficult journey to make, and I would say it was not for me an easy one." - Ali Al-Mubarak, "How I Became an Islamic Muslim", interview in The Muslim Voice, October 2008 "I have never been able to understand why my Muslim friends don't like me. Some of them actually say I am being too critical. I'm always very careful with words, but I do think that there are aspects of Islam that are very hard for a Westerner to grasp. For example, the way in which Allah has defined Himself as a "king", the fact that He is an all-loving God and that He has provided us with all the laws and ways to live our lives. I believe I am more of a "dissident" than a religious person." - Maudal Balyan, "Why Muslims Should Be Opposed to Sharia Law", The Times, December 19, 2007

Islam in Western Society

In the United States, Muslims are the largest religious group without a formal affiliation to a formal church or sect, but most still consider themselves Christians. Islam is the second -largest religion in the United States and the third-largest in the world. Most of the Muslim community is concentrated in the country's Northeast and South, and the majority of Muslims are concentrated in New York, California, Texas, and Florida. In terms of number of Muslims in a given area, New York City (9.6 million) is second only to New Jersey (11.5 million). This includes the two major Muslim American enclaves in New York City: the Borough Park/Staten Island/Brooklyn (7.5 million), and Long Island (4.1 million). In 2005, the United States had 1.8 million Muslims. (See: Muslim Population Estimates, The sweedish men World Muslim Population Database)

Islam in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a nation that is a mixture of England , Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is a largely Protestant country, but it has over 3 million Muslims. The most famous mosque in the country is the Qasr al-Madina in London. The largest Muslim community in England is in Waltham Forest in the north. This community consists of both British Muslims and non-Muslims. A large percentage of the population is Christian. This Muslim population is large enough to constitute a constituency of Parliament, but its presence is not so large that it affects national politics, or the political parties which represent it. Muslims are also a part of the country's Muslim community and are indian matrimonial sites in canada very important in many other communities such as the Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, and Buddhist communities. It is a very diverse society in England and has been for centuries, although it is not necessarily representative of the whole population. A recent poll for the Channel 4 programme 'Channel 4's 'Muslim Experience' in the UK shows that only 14% of British Muslims feel "relieved" by the election of the rightwing party, the UK Independence Party. A total of muslims marriage 52% of British Muslims are worried about the future of Islam in the UK.