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There are different types of Islam: Sunni, Shias, and Ahmadiyyas. This article will focus on the Shia Muslims. It is not meant to be a comprehensive or scientific study.

The following are the various types of Islam, in order of the Islamic faith. All of them are practiced today by many different Muslim groups, in different parts of the world. Read more about Shias:

What is Shias? Shia Muslims are Muslims who follow the teachings of the Shiite faith. Their faith is known as the faith of Imam Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and has existed for centuries. The Shia Muslims believe that Islam is a set of teachings that are a combination of all of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. However, unlike the other major sects of Islam, including the Sunni and Shi'ite, the Shias believe that they alone are God's chosen people, and have been persecuted throughout history for their beliefs. In Iran, for example, many Sunni Shias have converted to the Shias of Iran, who are an Iranian-speaking minority and follow the Shiite faith. There are also Shias in Lebanon, Bahrain and Turkey. The Shia religion also contains certain features of the Christian and Jewish faiths that distinguish it from other sects of Islam. In Shia Islam, women muslims marriage don't have the right to inherit property, and their children are called kafirs, which means "the non-believer." They are also prohibited from uae girls praying in mosques or wearing the Islamic veil. While some of these are not exactly Islam-related, many other issues are. The Shia don't practice alcohol, and they don't believe in God. There is a Shia Muslim sect, the Ismaili, that is more religious than other Muslims, but it is a minority within the Shiite faith. Some Sunni Muslims see their religion as very different from the Shia's, but the religion itself is very close to the Shiite, as are the two major sects. In some areas, there are only two or three major Shia communities. This makes it very difficult to tell them apart. It is a shame, but this is a reality of Islam in the world today. Some of the major sects (Tajik or Shia) are known for their strict laws on women and homosexuality. Some are more liberal, and more tolerant of other religions than others. Some are less religious than others, and have their own vivastreet pakistani customs and traditions. The main difference between the major sects of Islam is that the Muslims consider themselves as the true representatives of God's religion, while the majority of the religions are viewed as the followers of man. Islam is the official religion of Iraq, and it has no official clergy. Most Muslims in Iraq follow the teachings of Imam Abu Bakr, but many follow Imam Ali, and some also follow the Prophet. The religion of Islam is still very young, with the Prophet being the most recent one. Many people believe that Islam is based on the life of Muhammad, but the Bible and Torah are actually much older. The main difference between these two religions is the way that the Prophet lived, and his actions during his lifetime. The Prophet's life was very simple and short. He lived for a few years, before being martyred in the battle of Uhud. He then spent the rest of his life preaching his religion to people, and building a city called Medina. His death was not long after, as the city he had built died under the rule of the Romans, during their invasion of Arabia. This is a brief description of what Islam is all about, but hopefully you have seen the pictures and had some idea of what this religion is about. This will be the main article on my blog, for the time being, but I will have more pictures of his life, and more information in the coming days. If you want to know more about Islam, go and take a look at the websites that they have put out, the books they have written, and also watch the documentaries that they have made. If you can't read the description of Islam below, then don't worry, I'll tell you the short version. This is what Islam is about. This is the picture of the prophet in the mosque in Medina.

There are several reasons that Islam is such a big deal to muslims. Firstly, it is not something you can be ashamed of, and secondly, it makes no sense that a human being could live without this god. These reasons are the main ones that make the Muslim a target of the world. It is the greatest religion, the most noble and all that it does is help the community survive and prosper. The whole world loves and sweedish men respects the Muslims for this, even if they aren't as committed and dedicated to it as most other religions. That edmonton muslim is why they are the target of the world. The Muslim is a target for other religions as well.