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A Muslim woman's dating choices are very much dependent on how much she is interested in a certain person and how her family is handling it.

"I do edmonton muslim what I feel like is right for me, even though I might be rejected," says Suhail, who left a stable job at a financial consultancy to travel the world, living with a Muslim man for a year. "There are some people who don't like it, but I feel like it is better than the alternative. I'm a smart and independent person. I'm an activist."

According to a 2011 sex dating bristol study by the British Social Attitudes survey, the British Muslim community is in some ways more liberal than the rest of the British population, with the majority of Muslims and Hindus supporting same-sex marriage. This, however, is not something that many of the Muslim girls I know are keen on.

"I'm not religious and I don't believe in all the things I was raised on, so I'd never do something like that," says Nia, a 21-year-old Parisian who has lived with her boyfriend, Mohammed, for a year. "I don't believe in being gay or whatever. I'm just a normal person who is not interested in things like that."

"I think it's better that he's Muslim than that he's gay. I think he could have a life outside of Islam. If he wants to find out about that, I'm more than happy to tell him about it. But to be honest, I think the religion isn't that great for being a homosexual. I don't think they have the rules for that, so I'm just muslims marriage hoping he has a good time and then comes back to the religion. It's not like I have to put myself in a position to take another person's life."

I do think there are many misconceptions about Muslims and the relationship between men and women. If you have ever attended an Islamic worship service and had a conversation with someone who has converted, you have probably been treated to the following statements by people in the congregation.

"My husband is a woman. I don't understand why there indian matrimonial sites in canada is a difference. Women are equal to men. Women don't need any special treatment in this world."

"I am a female convert and I know how important this is for him. This way he can understand the true essence of the religion better."

The truth of the matter is that this kind of thinking is rooted in a lack of understanding of Islam. While the concept of a Muslim woman is much more complex than the idea of a Muslim man, both of them are fundamentally based on the same set of beliefs that the Quran states is required to be true for every Muslim to have an authentic relationship with God. Both of them rely heavily on what the Quran says about marriage to understand how this can be true.

"When women have a good marriage, they don't go to extremes to have a child with a man other than their husband," says a Westerner who has converted to Islam. "This does not mean they are not Muslim in spirit, but this is a different life form."

And for that, she says, Muslim women have to be careful not to follow too much in the footsteps of sweedish men their women cousins who have converted.

"I think they should make a careful decision about how they follow their family tradition. We're trying to vivastreet pakistani understand the life and character uae girls of a Muslim woman. We don't want to be like our cousins who are not Muslim," she says. "This is a very delicate and complicated subject, so I'm trying to be sensitive to that."

It seems that the Muslim women I interviewed were not willing to talk too much about what happened with their husband before. I'm sure the same can be said for many. "I don't want to talk about it because it would mean that it's not true," says another, adding that she has already decided to leave her husband.

What is true is that this whole topic was brought to my attention during a recent interview with a Pakistani-American woman, whose husband was a Muslim. When we started talking about her marriage to a Muslim man, she felt uncomfortable and thought she was being asked about something inappropriate. "I just thought it was a little insensitive. That I'd been married to someone who wasn't Muslim. Why is that such a big deal?" she asked. She is not the only one who thinks that way. There are women in Pakistan, both educated and less educated, who don't like to discuss religion with a non-Muslim woman. But what if that is the only way that you can get an opinion on something you care about, or something you think is the most interesting and important thing about your life. A book like The Secret, or any book on Islam, will be the best starting point for you to do this. If you're a non-Muslim, here's some advice from my book on how to talk to Muslim women about a certain topic, or the ones you've always wanted to talk about: Listen. The Muslim women I met in Pakistan are not all "Muslim" or "Muslim like me," so you have to listen to what they have to say. If they have something to say that interests you, don't hesitate to ask. You can always ask them about something else that interests you, too. Just don't assume that this is what they want to discuss. You don't have to like what they say, but you do have to listen. The best thing you can do for a Muslim is to give them a chance to talk about themselves. They can teach you a lot.