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craigslist jakarta indonesia

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A friend was on craigslist Indonesia when she got the email. She's Muslim, and she was very confused. So, she searched the site in a few days and came across this post. This is her message to craigslist, in their language: "Hi, My name is Jibri I'm from jakarta sweedish men and I'm searching for someone who is not in jakarta who has a lot of experience and who is willing to learn English and I'm looking for someone who indian matrimonial sites in canada can work in the office for at least a few days during our week to work trip. We can meet every 2nd and 4th of the week or on the weekend if we would like. If you have any info about the uae girls person you're looking for, please contact me and we will get back to you. Thank you, Jibri"

So, this Muslim woman, she's a bit shy, because she's in a country where she's not sure what she's doing. But, she does what she wants and wants to be successful. So she searches in craigslist, to see if there's an opportunity for her to live in Indonesia and be successful. She goes to the Jakarta city area, but, she doesn't know that she's in a city where she might not find the right people. But, this Muslim girl who's vivastreet pakistani just starting out, she decides to look into the "jihad" and the women in the "jihad" in the city, are very smart and very kind, she's also very kind to the Muslim women who want to marry her, but, they don't know that this "jihad" they have is so great for them.

So this young Muslim girl, she doesn't know what she's doing, she looks for this "jihad" and she's edmonton muslim able to find a very nice man. And, she decides to marry him and they're going to have a great marriage and a great life together, and she can get an apartment and buy things. They both have nice lives, the husband's a Muslim, so that's what he looks for and she's happy with the way things are going. But, that's not what she wants, she wants to live in Indonesia and, to be successful in her life. So she goes to the "jihad" and she meets some of the "jihad" women, and she can't help her but to like them and, she starts to think of them as the good people in the world, they really are. So, as she's getting ready to go out and meet other Muslim men, she meets a guy who she wants to marry. He's a nice guy, he's a nice Christian and he loves his family and his wife, they're good people and she wants to be like them. So, they get married, and her dad comes and she doesn't want to go, but she goes, and she meets all these nice, nice men, they make her happy, they've all helped her in her life. She goes and finds a good, nice man and they go back and they've got a good life together. They're very happy, they've got a nice home, they're happy, they're very happy and they're very proud. She starts to look for more Muslim men, and she starts to think that they're the kind of people that she wants to meet. She finds one guy she really likes, he's a kind and generous guy and he really cares for his wife and he's a good Christian. And she falls for him. And when he finds out that she's really into Muslims, she starts to feel very insecure, because she knows that they're not really good for her. So, he goes back and tells her that he wants to leave the Islamic religion, he really does. And she's like, "Why?" He goes, "I'm not very happy. I just can't see why someone who loves God should have to make sacrifices to live with a bunch of people who don't like him." And she goes, "Oh, OK. I understand." And they just muslims marriage sort of fall in love. They sex dating bristol fall in love. And this is where the movie really begins. So she has the big discussion, "Why do you make a sacrifice for him when we all know that he's not really into you?" And he says, "I don't have a choice. If we're going to do it, I have to." She says, "You've chosen to be here." She gives him a hug. And he says, "Well, then, let's go, okay?"

The thing that's really funny about this movie is that this is such a typical marriage, it's almost shocking. But the thing is, you know, the movie starts at about five minutes in and I had the feeling from the first scene in the hotel. She's just in this room, it's so normal, like, "You're married," "What?" "You're married." She's in this room, and you're just like, "Are you kidding me?" I mean, she's got the whole story covered. She's not a virgin. You're a virgin. It's not even that unusual. They are in their bedroom. It's just that this is the first time in her life that she's been married. She's been married for like a week. She is in her 30s. This is just, you know, I'm not going to sugarcoat this, this is just, I'm gonna talk to you straight now. I just have to. This is going to be really uncomfortable for you guys. This is a tough topic. It really is. You guys are gonna understand why it's so difficult.

Well, before we get to the hard stuff, I want to be clear. I'm not suggesting that all of you are perfect, that you are a perfect person, and all of you deserve a beautiful, happy, fulfilling life. I'm just saying that for every one of you who decides to do what I'm about to tell you to, there are thousands more that don't have this option.