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A Muslim man who was asked to remove his beard to be part of a photo shoot says he did so to protect his identity and his right to freedom of expression. In an interview with the Star in 2015, a man who is not identified as Muslim says his name was used for the photo shoot because "people were going to say anything to get me off the street," according to a statement provided by the man, who identifies himself as "Shahin" to avoid the legal repercussions. The Star is not identifying the man for fear of reprisal. He was photographed wearing a long, white beard, which he says is traditional in Islam, and not an expression of a beard that is not traditional in Islam, although he acknowledged that Muslims sex dating bristol don't shave their beards at home. "That's a part of my identity in Islam as well," he told the Star. "It's the reason that I'm not going to let people get a rise out of me."

(The Star) "I am a Muslim. If I don't have a beard, I don't look like the image that's on the news," he said. "I've been living in a very small village and there are always people asking me questions." He added that he would rather keep his beard than shave it off for his own religious beliefs. But the Star is not publishing his last name.

(The Star) This is a man that wears a beard and believes in traditional Islam. This is the kind of man who's so confident that muslims marriage the image of him as a "Muslim man" is enough to raise eyebrows. He told the Star his faith is his "life" and he wears a veil on Fridays to symbolize his prayers. "I don't know any Muslim women who have a beard and I can't understand why I would do that," he said. "My faith is my life." His wife has been with him all of his life and they have a four-year-old daughter who is "very fond of her dad." She said they have no problems with other Muslims. "We've never had any problems with Muslims," she said. "I'm proud sweedish men that he's Muslim and my daughter is proud of her dad. This is how this person is known as a "Muslim man." He knows exactly how to show his faith. He wants to know about the life of a Muslim woman and how she deals with Islam. This is the man with a beard and a hijab edmonton muslim in Brampton. It's a strange and wonderful moment. He was born in Malaysia, and has lived in Pakistan since he was 14. He is from Pakistan, a Muslim country, and he is proud of his religion and his country. He is a Pakistani citizen, and his father was a Muslim and his mother a Hindu. He was raised Muslim, and never made the mistake of turning his back on it. He has the distinction of being the first person to marry an Indian-born woman. "In Brampton, you don't need to be Indian, or Hindu, or black, or male to be loved by a person of faith." He has been married to his wife for 12 years, and the marriage is not only between two people of different faiths, but one of the first in Canada's history to involve a Muslim and a Hindu. I asked him what was unique about being an American Muslim dating a Muslim in Pakistan. He said, "People are not allowed to date people that don't belong to their faith. The idea of dating a person that isn't of their faith is a huge taboo, and people are afraid of it. That's what people don't understand when they see it in other countries. There are people in Canada who are married to someone from another religion, but they don't marry their parents. We're trying to show that Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs don't have to be different." "When I think of all the things I would change about our relationship, that's something I'd like to change, but it's not because I want to, it's because of what people do. I've never dated a Pakistani girl before, but I have to say that this is the first time I've dated a Muslim girl in Canada. I think that if we don't change, then our society will go the way of the West and we will be losing our diversity. I believe that it's only right to change if we are serious about being a better society."

"I'm happy that she's getting married. When you get a wife, you have more responsibilities and that's what makes you happy. I want to be like her and become a better husband, but it will take me a long time."

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"When she was pregnant, she told me that she had some issues with her stomach and that she was going to give birth at home. She said that she wanted to be closer to my place, so I got her pregnant. Since she is the only one to have gone through this, I have learned a lot from her. She has also started asking questions in my mind and asking about indian matrimonial sites in canada other things besides my job. I really want to know the things that she is doing that I was not doing. My family is vivastreet pakistani also getting tired of me taking up too much of their time."

But the Muslim mother-of-three has also taken to social media to share her story.

She writes on Instagram: "I've decided that I am going to go public, to tell my story. I'm going to show that being a Muslim woman does not have to be hard. In my eyes I was treated so badly uae girls by my family and friends that I decided to break my silence and speak out.