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Muslim women are constantly bombarded with uae girls messages about sex and dating. In fact, some think of Islam as the greatest religion for women. However, a few people would prefer to think that Islam is a great religion for women.

A woman's place

In a world where women's rights are under the microscope, some of them are not happy with this situation. In a poll of over a thousand female students, one of the most common responses was: "My place is in the home. If someone wants to know how I got married, or what I think about marriage, that's their business."

The majority edmonton muslim of these students who expressed such sentiments felt that Islam does not support their lifestyle. A study done by the Muslim Women's Center in California showed that in addition to the issues surrounding women's rights, the majority of Muslim women believe vivastreet pakistani that the concept of polygamy is not Islamic. Most Muslim women also don't agree with the concept of cohabitation.

As if the above is not enough, Muslim women are also concerned with the consequences of divorce. More sweedish men than 60% of Muslim women polled were upset that they would not be able to divorce their husbands due to divorce laws. For example, a Muslim couple living in California must divorce if they are not happy. If the husband is not happy, he can get a divorce from his wife without giving the wife the chance to divorce him. However, a Muslim woman is not allowed indian matrimonial sites in canada to divorce her husband if the husband is happy. A Muslim woman can have a divorce granted even if he is not happy. As a result, women are worried about the repercussions of divorce. If you are reading this article, you probably know the difference between polygamy and adultery. However, in a recent poll, there was one very surprising answer to the question. The answer to this question is the answer to all of your dating questions: If you are Muslim, you can marry your first cousin. That is right, Muslim women can marry the first cousin they meet. Now this news is shocking but it also raises many questions. For example, how does the Muslim community tolerate such an extreme practice? A survey of 1,000 young Muslims in the UK found that a majority supported polygamy and adultery but only one in three had practiced it. In other words, they did not practice polygamy, which is the practice that allows Muslim women to marry anyone they want. In an interview with the Guardian, a researcher, who called himself Shabbir Ahmed, said that he did not find the Muslim community "unfriendly" and that "a lot of Muslims would like to see the practice of polygamy end". Ahmed is a respected researcher who works with Muslim men in London and Bristol. He told me that when he first became interested in the practice of polygamy, he thought "it is a good way of controlling a woman, of preventing a woman from doing anything she wants to do and to force her into monogamy." But after researching it, he concluded that "it is not just about controlling women – it is about controlling women's sexuality." Ahmed said that he had "never been told in Muslim circles that this practice is acceptable, but the fact that it has been tolerated is an indication that the majority of Muslims accept it." What are the ramifications of polygamy? A recent study revealed that nearly 40% of Muslim women sex dating bristol who have ever had a partner have had children out of wedlock. Of those who had a partner, 70% had three or more children. According to Ahmed, the practice is so widespread that it seems "more natural to be polygamous." He pointed out that the average age of a Muslim woman is around 25, and that "some women who are in their twenties are polyamorous, which means they are polyamorous to their first husband, and later on they marry multiple men." That means that in reality, many Muslim women will have a partner who is older than they are. In an interview with Huffington Post, Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani, a former US diplomat and founder of the American Muslim Institute, said that "there are several hundred thousand Muslims in the United States." She said that "some will marry their first or second husband, or be engaged to their second husband." In other words, some women will have multiple men who are older than themselves. What does the Qur'an say about this? "The revelation to you about women [considered non-mahram, plural] is more important than what I have sent to you. If you are truthful, the truth will set you free" (Qur'an 2:219) There is a strong muslims marriage tradition that allows a man to have two wives. The Qur'an does not prohibit polygamy, but it does say that women are to be treated equally. A woman must be treated as a person, not a thing. "And let not those among you who are wealthy or in good standing marry any other than two, even if it be a young girl. And if they marry one, it is for them for them to divorce. And what have you against that? (Qur'an 4:3) " The verse in question has an implication that the man may marry two wives at the same time (see above). If a husband has two wives he can be a polygamist. "And it has been sent down to you (O Muhammad) for a message to those who have believed, that you should be as to one another, so that you may be strong and victorious, and know that Allah is With you, And Allah is Knowing of all things. " Allah does not command a man to marry more than two women at the same time. Allah says in the Qur'an "O you who believe! Love one another. Even as Allah loves you.