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1. Searching for Cupid

There is more than one way to do it. In our case, we searched for Cupid because of our desire to find out the details of her life.

2. What is Cupid?

Cupid is a type of person that has a reputation of being good at finding love and relationships. The term comes from the Latin for "love," and was originally meant to be a synonym of the Greek word "cupid" which means "love" and was derived from a Greek word meaning "friend."

There are different types of Cupid, one is known as a Cupid who is looking for someone to commit to. She may have no interest in anyone but someone, but she will always be looking for a partner. Another type of Cupid may want to have a relationship with someone. However, this type may have other desires that she is looking to satisfy.

3. Cupid's Quest

Cupid's quest to find a partner for a relationship is the most common type of search that is conducted. Many people search on Cupid's Quest website and then look to find a match for themselves by going to a website and selecting the "match you want."

On Cupid's Quest, you will find all the information about your potential partner and you will have a chance to tell him or her all about yourself.

If you would like to ask some questions about your relationship, you can get the answers through our "Ask Questions" feature.

If you have a relationship, you have the option of choosing a "marriage proposal" on your profile. When you go to your profile, you can also choose to add a photo, a voice message and more.