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This blog is about how to live happily and attract muslims. The blog is about what it means to be a successful muslim from the outside. Read more about me:

The blog has over one million readers a month, and it has been written over 100,000 times. The comments are more than twice as many as the blog itself, and the blog has almost 100,000 people on its Facebook page. There are more than one thousand muslims who read my blog and comment on it. It has been listed on the "Top 100 Blogs" list for the past six years.

The blog was originally called " The Daily Muslim" and was the most popular blog among muslims and muslims from other countries. When I started to write about dating in the blog, I got a lot of comments from readers. When I was told that I was not welcome in muslim countries, many of my readers started to tell me how they came to visit and how they discovered my blog. Some readers told me they read the blog, but decided to stop reading after reading that I was "too fat" and "too old." Some readers said they are friends with someone who frequents the blog, but when they asked if they could talk to him, they were told that he was "too busy." Other readers were shocked that I am dating an English speaker from England, who happens to be my Muslim neighbor. Another reader asked me why I don't read Muslim books when I am not interested. Some readers asked why I do not like fat and old people. I have decided to post my answers in this post, because many readers are asking the same questions and I don't feel comfortable answering them in a blog post. Some of my readers are British, some are Dutch, some are American, but most of them are from the Middle East and Europe. I am going to list the questions below, and I invite you to add your own questions. 1. Is Islam compatible with fat? 2. Are Muslims from other Muslim countries allowed to marry Western women? 3. Are women allowed to be fat? 4. How do you know a woman is fat, if she's not even a Muslim? 5. How does the Muslim community respond when the husband gets angry with a fat Western woman? I know that most of you have been asking this all along, and I am not saying that Islam is completely compatible with fat (we are talking about a religious religion and not about body weight in general). But there is some truth to what I'm saying. First of all, let's look at Islam's definition of "fat". "Fat is that which a person has accumulated so that it is clearly not covered in the clothing of the mujahedeen" (Shafi'i). "A vivastreet pakistani mujahedeen is one who does not have any part of their body which has not been exposed for the sake of Allah, for, indeed, Allah loves what He exposes" (Ahmadiyya). "And if the woman have any fat, let her cover it with a piece of cloth (of the kind which is called 'jammah')… And Allah is more kind to the believers, and He loves them for their good deeds" (Abu Dawud). These are the basic teachings of Islam. And while I am not advocating fat shaming, we can certainly call for respect for the religious beliefs of a Muslim woman. So let's talk about how Muslim men view fat in Muslim society. If a Muslim man finds a Muslim woman wearing a bikini (which is in no way an example of modesty), then she must immediately stop, and he will not get to sleep with her (Hijrah). Now, there are many issues to consider, and not every single woman is fit to be the object of your affection. There are a number of reasons a man may want to keep a Muslim woman's body in check, and not allow her to go to the beach. In fact, as I understand it, this is one of the biggest problems with uae girls the Muslim world, and that is, that they don't really understand the need to control the body.

So if the Muslim man is going to take advantage of a Muslim woman's modesty, there is a very specific way that he is going to do it. It goes something like this: You take your woman out, and you say to her, "Let's go to a place of worship". She replies, "But how will you know where it is? I don't know what it is called". "Then you will need to come back and ask sex dating bristol me in the morning to tell you". Then he takes his woman out of the house and, in front of her family and friends, he asks to marry her. He asks her to wait for two hours, and when she is ready, he goes out to find her in a public place, and, to her dismay, she says, "Oh, I am afraid that you will find me in a place of worship." The couple takes a taxi to the place of worship, gets married, and, of course, they never see each other again. So, this is how the Muslim man, when she has a problem, takes advantage of her modesty. The woman, however, has to wait until the following day to meet him, and then they will have to wait for an hour, and then a second and then a third, until the girl gets so used to having him around, that he sweedish men doesn't bother her any more, or at least it is only a matter of time before she gives up. This is, of course, nothing new for women around the world who are treated indian matrimonial sites in canada as objects for the benefit of men. The Muslim men who marry muslims marriage Christian women or Muslim women who marry non-Muslim men edmonton muslim often have the same problem that many Christian men have who want to marry a virgin. The problem is not in the woman, it is in the man.