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dating iranian girl

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I am from iran and i'm here to share my story of being an Iranian girl,

i want to tell the people that i'm from iran, i know the pain that they go through but i will also tell the story of my life in iran with these 2 stories,

i want people to know that i am not just some normal person, i'm a normal person that had never been to India before. I've been to the US twice and Japan twice.

I have met some interesting people, most of them who are very friendly and good natured people. We always chat and i enjoy a lot of good food.

I also wish to tell my story, that people can understand why i was forced to marry. i was brought to Iran with my parents. my parents brought me to iran with a dream of having a better future for me. I had no idea that it was a horrible experience for me to be married.

The first time i was in iran, i did not think of what it meant to me as a wife, i did not understand what it was about, because i was so young at the time, i thought that i would just be a bride. i was very naive. i felt good about uae girls myself that i was a young girl who was going to become a beautiful woman. but i realized that i was not prepared for this.

my first two weeks in iran was a struggle. there were many times when i did not talk to my husband, when i was lonely and crying.

One day, my husband came to me and started apologizing for my actions, which made me so sad, but i could not stop crying. i wanted to do anything, just to apologize, but i was not in a good condition.

My husband also told me that he indian matrimonial sites in canada would always be my big brother and my protector. i said that i would like to marry this man and it would be difficult for him to find someone else.

Then i got my first job as an English teacher. i got more and more confident and felt happy all vivastreet pakistani the time. i love this country . i love my husband.

Now, i have a little boy, he is my little boy and he is my best friend. my wife is really happy.

As i have already mentioned above, i am now a single, but i am also very happy in this world. this is not the beginning but it's my new start. this is my new country and my first home.

I am glad that i can now live my life with my children, and i can take care of them in a new home.

We're living in a small house, and i'm a single mother. i don't have much to do and it's a bit difficult for me to concentrate on my work. it's getting better though! i like to help my kids do things and i'm a good cook! my husband always helps me to wash dishes or even helps me with some small tasks! so we're enjoying this journey and i love it. i'm so grateful that i am able to live in this new country, and i am grateful for all of you who care about me. it's my first time to live abroad and i'm glad that i can start a new life. thanks to everyone who is sex dating bristol helping me, and to everyone who read the article and gave me encouragement! i'll never stop loving my children! thanks again!

This is what i had to say to the world about myself: "

" I just wanna say that i don't really understand a lot of things about Islam, and i'm not trying to be offensive or mean-spirited, it's just my life experiences and understanding what people are thinking about it and how they think and what they feel and what they're doing, and i'm just gonna try to explain as much as i can, because i love what i do, and i'm a good person and i try to help people who need it, and i love this life and i just wanna be able to share it with others, just because i feel that if i had a lot of money, i wouldn't be able to do this. i really wish I could be in any country i can, or if i 'm edmonton muslim on a plane and I have the chance to go anywhere, i'd love to go there, and it's so great that i get to go and share my country, and the other countries that are closer to me. i know that i'm not the only muslim on this planet, and i hope to share my story with the world, because i love what i do and i want to spread the love of Islam to every person, and i sweedish men hope that by sharing this that muslims marriage people will feel inspired to live the way they want to live and not have to worry about what others think about them, because i believe that when everyone feels welcome, they will do good in the world. and if i'm not saying all of it right, just by sharing this, you can help people like me that i just think i should talk to a lot more about Islam. it's gonna be tough at first, i'm still learning to live it and understand everything, so i have to learn the hard way. i've been in a lot of countries, and if you're going to the same place as me, i have to be a lot more careful about the way i do things. i'm always nervous, but i know that if i can learn to trust myself and know what's going to happen, i can live and be a good person and help others.