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The following links are some good ones that might be helpful to you. I am not a expert so this is just a small list of places to see when visiting pittsburgh:


Pittsburgh's main attraction is the Art Museum, which is in the center of downtown. This is the first place that you can walk down and see the works of famous artists that were here in the 1800s and 1900s. There are several other museums along the waterfront, and there is even a river tour, if you need to see the river in a different way. This is also a great place to eat lunch, especially if you are on the water, since it is full of restaurants. This is a good place for a walk, especially if you don't want to spend money on lunch because the museums are full of works of art. For a full description of this city, see below.

Columbus Circle

The biggest attraction at this part of the city is the Columbus Circle, which is actually a very nice area with lots of shops, and a good public park nearby. The park has several trails, which make for a great way to get to the center of downtown. The center uae girls is filled with restaurants and bars, but also places to find your own place to sit. The city itself is pretty busy and the museums are usually full. There is usually plenty of free parking. The most popular places are:

Central Park (Central Park is the largest park in the world and it's a little bit on the expensive side. But for free parking, it is hard to beat. Also, you get a free drink when you sit and a free sandwich if you eat at a cafe. The main attraction here is a large lake, and the only drawback is the cost of admission, which is a bit expensive).

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge (If you ever want to go out for lunch, this is where to go. The park is a small park, and so there are some benches along the bridge to sit and eat at. There is also a large playground, which is a nice place to take a break from the sun.) Downtown (This is where it really gets interesting! The park is very large, and the buildings are large and colorful. The park itself is fairly small, but it is easy to go from place to place. Also, there is a restaurant, a cafe, and a water park to take the kids. You'll see.) The Benjamin Franklin Bridge (One of the oldest bridges in the world, and a very interesting sight. The bridge itself is an elegant wooden bridge, which was originally designed in 1814, and is still being used as a bridge today. The bridges at each end of the city have different styles, but there is some variation between them as well. The other thing to note is that the bridge is also the only known span of the city with an ornate gabled arched arched arch, and that it also contains a giant pylon.) The Benjamin Franklin Bridge (And the rest of the city.) The Pittsburgh History Museum (A fascinating museum, and one of the very best museums in the United States, if you want to take the time to learn about Pittsburgh's history. The museum is located in the city, and is the only museum dedicated to the history of the city.) The Liberty Bell (This is a fascinating sight, the Liberty Bell itself is a very interesting structure. The first Liberty Bell was a huge copper bell, which was installed in 1692 sex dating bristol at the height of the American Revolution.) The Franklin Institute (In the early 1990s, the Franklin Institute opened up, and they started to build on the Franklin legacy. They started to put a lot more art on the walls, and they began to put in more contemporary art.) The Franklin Square (A very cool area in the city, but it is a little more seedy than I'm used to seeing in other parts of the city, so I would not recommend going there. But it is still a pretty cool place.) The Cathedral of St. John the Divine (You have to be 18 to get inside the Cathedral, but you can go to the main street, and if you have a ticket, you can walk in for free. I'm sorry about that, but the Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and unique structures in the city.) The Liberty Bell (A fascinating structure, it is a huge copper bell. The bell is also a unique structure, as the bell itself is a part of the sculpture, but it is just attached to it. It looks like a gigantic brass bell.) The Liberty Bell and the Liberty Square (A beautiful combination of architecture, art, and historical significance. The bell was part muslims marriage of the original "Museum of the City of edmonton muslim Pittsburgh" that was built as a temporary exhibit during the World's Fair, and then opened to the vivastreet pakistani public after World War II. The bell also sits in Liberty Square.) The Monastery of St. John the Evangelist It is hard to see how the city could have been so great, if it didn't have such a long history of religious persecution. In 1689, a group of Puritans and Catholic Jesuits came to Pittsburgh from the province of Connecticut. In order to start a new city, the group had to settle down. The Jesuits settled in what is now the University District, which was known as "The Colony of the Jesuits". In 1808, the city was officially incorporated, and the first bishop was elected, William F. Butler, who was from the same province. A short time after, the first school was opened. The university was also formed in 1824, by the same group of people. The first class of students was a mix of both sexes. They were mostly men and women, though one of them was indian matrimonial sites in canada a girl, which was the first thing that happened to the school.