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edmonton muslim

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I was born in Canada, live sweedish men in Canada, have the same birth certificate as every other muslim in Canada.

I love Canada and I have never felt like this. I feel like I have been living as a muslim, but I am not a muslim in a way that anyone should ever feel like this. I have lived and worked in Canada since I was about 15 years old. I vivastreet pakistani am one of a small group of muslim Canadians who are willing to live under the same laws, with the same freedoms and have the same religious beliefs that all Canadians have.

When I moved to Canada in the mid 90s, I became the proud new citizen of Canada and the first muslim to live in Edmonton. There are currently about 200 muslim people living in Edmonton, I believe there are more. Many of my family members are muslim, so it has not really been an issue. When I first arrived in Edmonton, I was surprised that all of the mosques were still in good condition. I remember my very first mosque, the Masjid al-Rasool in Southgate, being closed for renovations several times and not being cleaned for over a year. When I came to Alberta I was surprised to learn that the Masjid al-Shiraz was still operating in Calgary. As a newbie to Edmonton, I didn't know there was still a mosque in my city. When I heard it was still in Calgary, I assumed it must be closed because I have never heard of one in Edmonton before. My initial reaction to this mosque being closed was that I would have to drive out of Edmonton to find one, which I never did. I guess I just didn't have the heart for such a difficult decision. This mosque has sex dating bristol been closed for years and many of the renovations have been completed. Many of the new additions are of the same style as the old ones but the old windows are missing. The doors are closed because of the lack of funds to re-open the mosque. I feel the closure of the Calgary mosque is a sign of things to come. The old Edmonton mosque was a very nice place to worship and muslims marriage now that it has been shuttered, no one can pray there anymore. I feel that our society has become less tolerant of muslims. The government has taken this issue of Islam and Muslims and has made it more difficult to find a muslim to marry in our society. The lack of funds for the reopening of the Edmonton mosque makes the new imam very sad and depressed. He feels that he cannot do his job and does not feel like he has the power to make the mosque be a mosque anymore, and so he is sad that the mosque has closed. I would like to think that the new imam will do a great job and hopefully he will re-open the mosque, but I don't think this is going to be the case.

Last year, after many months of being asked to take uae girls a picture with the imam of the Edmonton mosque, I took this picture and sent it to the imam. I don't think he responded at all. I don't know what he said, but I hope that he read it. After I send this picture, the imam replied with a letter of apology for the lack of response, but also with an offer to take the picture with me at the mosque, if I would like him to. He said that he was willing to do so. I agreed, and this is the picture that he took, The first thing I asked him, was why he would take me in a picture. He said, I want to meet you. He said I know that he is an imam, and I would have to take him to the front. I agreed to go with him, and then we walked to the mosque, where the imam was, and the imam said that he would meet us there. After the meeting, he told me that it wasn't necessary to ask permission, to meet him, so I asked him why he did not ask permission from me, to come with us. He said, "He is not our imam, he is a stranger to us, and if he asks us permission, we would not be able to go there." I asked him, "What are you saying?" He said, "What he said, it's not necessary." I said, "What if he asks me permission, you can't go?" He said, "That is how you treat him." I said, "How are you treating him?" He said, "If he asked, he would be killed." I said, "But you don't kill people." He said, "We kill those who try to harm us." After a while, he told me, "If you go there, you will be killed, just as you have already been killed. Do you want to be killed as well?" I told him, "If you want to kill me, then just kill me." He said, "No, you are right." I said, "And I am going." He told me not to talk to him any more. I didn't see the problem with that, but I have heard a lot of stories about some imams. The person I know that was killed was actually a good imam, very nice to everyone, but the people that he met did not love him, and they would always try to hurt him. He was murdered by his own people.

My name is Muhammad al-Qashqai and I'm from Kuwait. I'm 22 years old, I've lived in London for 5 years. I love the city, but I'm from a very small country. When I first came here, I wasn't a real muslim, so the city was a big pain in the ass for me.