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1. "If you're a Muslim, please don't be a terrorist, because Islam isn't all about murder and mayhem." - Dr. Naeem Anwar, author of "Islam & the Future of the West", and a PhD student at the University of Bristol.

2. "The most important thing we have to do, as humans, is to learn to love one another and live in harmony. And as a Muslim you can learn a lot of that." - Dr. Nasar Ahmed, former Secretary General of the United Nations.

3. "I uae girls wish you good luck." - Former President George Bush. 4. "We live in a multicultural society, so we have to understand that Islam and Christianity are two different religions. So it's really hard for me to say what's right and wrong." - Former President Bill Clinton. 5. "The thing I always look for is someone edmonton muslim who knows how to love and respect women. I mean, the fact that you can love both women and men, who are not perfect, is what counts." - Former President Barack Obama. 6. "You have to put indian matrimonial sites in canada yourself out there and know that there are other people out there who are just as beautiful, just as talented, just as intelligent, just as creative, just as ambitious, just as successful as you are and want the same things that you want. That is a beautiful thing and I think it's what has made us the most successful people on earth." - Oprah Winfrey. 7. "I was raised by a strong-willed woman, so I had an upbringing that taught me to work hard, work smart, work with my hands, to know my limits, to be true to myself, and just live my life for others to be happy." - Kim Kardashian. 8. "You can only live the good life if you are willing to be selfish." - Steve Jobs 9. "When you are in love you get to live in another person's world." - Marilyn Monroe 10. "The best way to know how a man feels is to ask him what he really feels, not what he thinks he should feel." - David Sedaris 11. "When you're in a relationship with someone sex dating bristol you really like, you learn to trust and respect that person, not because they are a perfect match, but because you see how they want to be with their friends, and with their family, and with their business." - Bill Murray 12. "The more you know yourself the better you know the world." - Michael Emerson 13. "I believe that each of us is made for love. That we are unique, that all of our lives are unique, that we all have the right to choose our partners. That we all are worthy, unique, and worthy of love." - David Sedaris 14. "Don't wait for a 'best' guy to show up. You might need one, but you'll find someone else who can meet your needs." - Kevin Rose 15. "Being a man is not a career; it is a way of life. You must embrace your manhood and live life for the things you truly enjoy; the things you love. You can't be successful at anything without being self-confident and taking pride in what you do." - Richard Dreyfuss

16. "What you wear is more important than the size of the chest or the width of the back. A good suit should be comfortable. An old one won't be." - Charles Duhigg

17. "A man wants sweedish men a woman who loves to be flirty, who likes a good romp in the sun and the occasional cigarette. He wants a woman who's a good dancer, but doesn't care to learn anything more." - Elton John

18. "A good man has many hobbies." - James Dean

19. "I'm not a very confident person. I'm not someone who just likes to sit around and don'thing. I don't enjoy it. I like to get up and get on with the day." - The Weeknd

20. "You'll need to learn to be more sensitive. But at the same time, if I'm not the person who makes sure you're feeling good, if that's me being insensitive, it'll only hurt you." - Beyonce

21. "I'm not a big fan of the media. I don't like how much of a focus it gets on celebrities, especially on the bad ones." - Kelly Clarkson

22. "I just think it's stupid. It's just not a fair comparison between a celebrity and people like you, my wife, my kids, and you guys. I feel like if muslims marriage you're looking to get a job in this industry and you're just trying to survive, if that's the way you're looking to do it. Then you'll do that and it's just stupid." - Nick Cannon

23. "I think everyone likes to put on a show and act. It's just kind of a reality show. I think if you're in a situation where you are doing that and you're trying to survive, you're not going to really have any time to think about the stuff that's going to happen to you." - Bill Simmons, CBS' "The Bill Simmons Podcast"

24. "I think when you're out there on a real basketball court, people don't care. They're all looking for the other guy to do something so they can be on their high. When you're out there playing pickup, people will care, even if you're playing bad. People get that. It's just a natural thing to care. When you're on a stage with a big stage, you need to be careful. The more pressure you put on yourself, the more likely you are to do something wrong and screw yourself up." The rest is history.

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