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In the days of the Prophet (saw), his wives (may Allah be pleased with them) would be visiting his (saws) residence to check on him. When the Prophet (saw) would have the opportunity to spend the night with them, he would take the initiative and ask their opinion on the topic. The Prophet (saw) also loved to listen to the opinions of women and the opinions of other people. In fact, he would use them as his eyes and ears in order to decide on any situation that he was faced with. In the day time, he used to give advice to the wives in order to know the best way to do things and what would be best for the future of the women, but during the night he would take it upon himself to decide how to handle the women's affairs.

As for women who weren't his wives, or women whom he had married at a later time, he was very kind and gentle with them and would treat them accordingly. So when his wives went away to visit their families or for some special occasion, he would not even say "Ah, you have come back". Instead, he would just say "I have been thinking about your visit, so please take good care of yourself and not do anything reckless, and I hope you get well soon." I have heard that one of the reasons the Prophet (saw) was so kind was because of the stories he had heard about women who had gone out for a walk, and when they returned, they found that they were pregnant. He would often joke and tell them that if they were so unlucky, they would have lost their children. He once had the women come to him and tell him that she was pregnant, but the Prophet (saw) told her that he would not let her lose her baby. He had her sit on his lap and told her that it was all because of her attitude and not her health, but it would not be his fault. The Prophet (saw) would then take out the child and hold him close to him so that he could give him a loving kiss. As it turned out, he had a very small daughter who was about six months old when he had the baby and was not even able to hold him, and the little baby started crying. However, the Prophet (saw) said "you can cry and make noises, but you cannot stop crying." So the Prophet (saw) did not intervene and just let it out. It is said that the Prophet (saw) was extremely close to the women of his tribe, and would sometimes take them in to his chamber to talk, because he was too close to his children, and would make their babies cry for him, and would hug them. They were told that this was a good thing to do, and many of the women started to get very close to him, and they became his closest friends and confidantes. One day while he was in his bed, he suddenly went into an extreme state of pain. The Prophet (saw) went to his wife and he said, "The muslims marriage child is not healthy and you need to nurse it". So she was very worried about him. So she took some milk and put it on his tongue and his pain got better. He had a severe fever and was very indian matrimonial sites in canada sick and asked the Prophet (saw) what he should do, because he felt he could not live with himself if he did not change his mind about what he wanted to do. The Prophet (saw) said, "If you feel good about it, then go ahead". So the Prophet (saw) got up and went to the house of his mother who was in a very bad condition and she said, "I was not able to feed my baby because the milk I was given was not good". The vivastreet pakistani Prophet (saw) said, "Let me go". He started going to the place where milk was being made and he found a jar with some oil and put it in it, and he poured some water in the jar and poured water in his mouth. Then he said, "This will be the cure for you and you will never be hungry again." So, he ate the milk and his mother was cured and she started eating and feeling better. The Prophet (saw) sweedish men went back and got up again. He went to his mother and said, "The mother was cured." She said, "O Messenger of Allah, she was cured and the cure is sufficient for me."

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet (saw) got up and said, "I have been ordered (by Allah) to speak a speech which is not known to me except in a dream. I have been asked about Allah and about a person who will be called 'Abdullah (i.e. 'Abdullah bin Abi Waqqas), a man of good reputation and of high rank who will enter Paradise in a white dress. I want to tell you something about him. He will be from one of the people of the Quraysh (i.e. pagans). The day of (the battle of) Uhud will be the first day of his (i.e. 'Abdullah's) martyrdom. He will be killed with his hand in the hand of the Prophet of Allah (S). When he dies (in his martyrdom), Allah's Apostle (may peace uae girls be upon him) will go to him in the morning (after the burial) and the first thing he will say to him will be, "What did you do?" He will reply, "I used to sit with your Prophet edmonton muslim and listen to his recitation (of the Qur'an). (I have been praying) at his side. By Allah, none sex dating bristol but he (i.e. the Prophet of Allah) would have been able to get my heart into such a good state as that." He will then go on to say, "O my son! My life is like a (tree) which a tree-firm had planted (before he had fallen in love) with its own (own) mother (in the same way as you are now).