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friendship in arabic

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Friendship in the Arab world

Friendships with people who are of the same faith is a basic principle of Islam and many societies in the Middle East have this rule. For example, in Egypt, it is not unusual for Muslim women to make special efforts to befriend Christians and Jews and other minorities, and in the Gulf and Yemen, it is even more common. It is also common in the Gulf, Yemen and Egypt to be in relationships with people who have different beliefs and ways of life. As long as these beliefs are accepted and maintained and have not brought the two peoples into conflict, it is not considered an offence in Islam.

As is true in most Muslim societies, there are two types of Muslims who live in peace. The first type are the Sunnis, who believe in the idea of the oneness of God, and that one should not have any religious differences with the other. They generally have the same views on politics and the economy, and in some countries they even go as far as being active participants in government. It is generally considered very normal for Sunnis to meet and speak to other Sunnis in all parts of the world. Sunnis tend to be a bit more open about their sexual preferences than the Shia and other Shiite communities because they are more open to discussing the nature of God and the nature of Islam. The second type of Muslims, are the Kurds. They are one of the most diverse groups in the world today. The edmonton muslim largest ethnic groups are the Kurds, who indian matrimonial sites in canada are a mixture of Arabs, Turks, Assyrians, and Armenians. Most of the Kurds are Sunni Muslims, and their culture is very close to that of their ancestors.

There are a lot of ways to express your political opinions. In many places, you can express your opinion by voting in a political party or in local elections. Sometimes, you can even protest in front of an elected official, and ask for some change. This is very common in the countries where Kurds are the most numerous. In some countries, it is not unusual for Kurds to have a very strong, independent and vocal group, which they call an "eldad", in which people usually vote sex dating bristol for representatives from this group. The Kurdistan Democratic Party, founded in 2003, has a membership of about 10,000, and is the most important political group of the Kurdish region. It is supported by the Kurdish parties across the world and is often the voice for the Kurdish people who are denied the right to vote or to be in parliament. The Kurds also have a special kind of religion that is practiced by many of them, and it is called "Kurdish Islam". This religion is based on the teachings of Islam, which the Kurds believe are derived from the prophets of the Prophet Mohammed. This religion, and the culture that is its followers have created a very strong, independent and politically powerful society, which is not easily controlled by outsiders. A little bit about history of the Kurdish people : In 1274, the Ottoman Empire came to dominate much of the Middle East and Europe, including Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. This was the beginning of the "Muslim" expansion in the world. The Kurds, or Arabs in Arabic, were an ethnic people, who had the same language, culture and religion as other Arabs in that area. The Kurds, who were divided between various tribes during the time of the Ottoman Empire, had their own language. The Arabs, who had been living on the plains of Iraq, lived in the deserts of Anatolia. It was not until the Turkish Sultanate, which ruled in Anatolia, conquered Kurdistan in 1924, that the language became official. The Turkish Empire conquered much of the Muslim world during sweedish men the 18th century, but it was also the beginning of a new era of Islamic conquest in the Middle East. During the last decade, the Kurds have made great progress. They have managed to build their own country, which they call Kurdistan, from the remains of the old Turkish empire in the 19th century. The Kurds have become a major military force in Iraq and Syria, and their influence extends as far as Lebanon, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The Kurds are one of the largest ethnic minority groups in the Middle East, they have their own language, their own customs and they are also a major religious minority. They have a number of distinct dialects. For example, in Turkey, Kurds speak the Kurdish dialect (Farsi) and Arabic and some dialects of Greek are spoken also. In some parts of Kurdistan, the Kurdish dialect is considered the language of the Kurdish people and people of ethnic minorities, especially the Armenians. Kurdish linguists believe that some 20,000 Turkish and Armenian dialects exist, of which Turkish is the most commonly spoken. muslims marriage These dialects are said to have been used as a language for many centuries before they were abandoned by their original speakers. Since their disappearance, Kurdish dialects have developed into languages that are unique and original to the Kurds, thus creating vivastreet pakistani an unique culture. As for their own languages, the Kurds have two official dialects. One is the Arabic dialect, which is mostly spoken in Turkey. The other is the Kurdish dialect, which is also spoken in some areas of Iraq and Syria. The Arabic dialect is spoken mostly uae girls by people in the Kurdish north and east of Turkey, which means it's considered an official language of the Kurdish community. Arabic is the language of the Arab tribes in the Middle East, with the most important ones being the Quraysh, who have Arabic as their official language and the Ismailis, who have Kurdish as their dialect. The Kurds, however, have a third language that they have used for centuries in their dialects.