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german average height

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I think that if you take a look at what we call as "European standard of height", there are some general conclusions you can draw from it:

The average height of most of the population is not more than 160cm. However, there are some exceptions which are less than that. The most extreme examples are, as mentioned above, in Finland.

A few weeks ago, a lot of articles came out claiming that german average height is more than 160 cm. Most of them (like this one) are based on this particular study that came out back in 2002. In the first place, the study itself is somewhat outdated now, but even in 2001, this study showed a gap between the tall and short, with the shortest average muslims marriage height of 5'7.5cm. I've never been able uae girls to find a picture of the original, but here's a picture of a 5'7.5cm average height German guy. I'm sure that they were all a bit taller, but I can't remember. In the second place, I don't think there are any people in Europe with that height, I think it's a global thing and there's nothing special about it. It just seems that everyone over there, is tall. In the third place, I've only heard about this study from a few people in Germany. I'm not really sure if this is true, but I think that Germans aren't short, that's a universal fact. As for the fourth and fifth place, you'll have to ask somebody you know. I don't know how I could answer, but it would be a big surprise if they're not short. I don't think this study is all that interesting.

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2. London, England

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