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If you are a Muslim or you have a friend that is, you have no doubt read about the problems in the Islamic world. We see Muslim girls being raped by their boyfriends, we read about Muslim girls who are not even allowed to be in public places, we see Muslims being forced to convert to Christianity, we hear about the way Muslim women are treated in mosques, we see how many Muslim men are willing to indian matrimonial sites in canada pay to rape Muslim women.

There is a huge problem in the Muslim world. But, the problems don't begin with Muslims. I want to talk about it from the Muslim point of view. Why do Muslims have such a big problem with sex? Let me tell you why. There are two main reasons. The first is the Islamic tradition of sex is forbidden in many ways. So, for example, if you were to take a look at the Qur'an, you will notice the following words: (2.222) "But don't approach anything that your right hand may touch; and (2.222) "And don't commit illegal sexual intercourse; (2.222) "And don't seek anything out except what Allah has allowed you." This is where the second reason comes into play, the Quran says that it is better that you not have sexual relations, than that you have sex with someone (2.222) "And let not the believers take (another's) wives; but if they do, let them leave (behind) their sex dating bristol women to whom they have been allowed, for they are lawful (wives) to them." The following are some of the things that Muslims do to avoid sexual relations with non-Muslims, as quoted from Quran: (2.220) "And don't approach (another's wife) except to consummate marriage (i.e. marriage contract), that you may be successful; (2.220) "And give your right hand a (large) portion of the spoils of war (i.e. spoils of war (3:5))." The next two verses are a bit more of an overview and outline. (3.6) "And make not for yourselves enmity with one another, so that you may avoid a sore dealing; and know that Allah is able to do all things. (3.6) "The recompense for that is that you should be killed or crucified, or be exiled from the land, or be taken as an enemy of one another. (3.6) "Then go forth out from there as far as you can. But if you are compelled to stay, know sweedish men that Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." In the last couple verses, this is a warning about "the severity of the punishment" which includes not only the death penalty, but also imprisonment. (3.16) "And fear Allah, if you have any sense. Indeed He is Forgiving, Most Merciful." (3.16) "And don't make enmity with them or insult their Prophet, or kill them or take their children as spoils of war. But if they cease, then verily Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise." It is also important to understand that these verses were revealed in response to an invasion of the Khawarij led by one Abu Bakr, who sought to spread the religion of Islam (Sharia) in a hostile region. In response, the Prophet and his companions were compelled to leave their lands and migrate to the Arabian Peninsula and take refuge in Medina. (3.23) "And if there should be any hostility between uae girls you and those of the Ansar of the Quraysh, then proceed in peace, and fear Allah if you are in doubt. For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (3.23) "And remember when we were with you in the wilderness, our Lord gave us the Book, and He said, "Be patient till I send down My Signs to you: "You shall find those who believe among those who are at variance with each other in faith. So believe in Allah and His Apostle, and their messengers, and those who were before you on the earth; that is the best among you." So when we reached Medina, we used to be patient and waited for the Messenger of Allah to be sent. We believed in Allah and His Messenger, and He guided us to the right path." (3.29)

After the Prophet's journey to Medina, he continued his preaching. The Quraysh were still in disagreement about their religion. "Our Lord!" they said, "we have never worshipped anything besides Allah, and none but Allah has any right to be worshipped; and we have heard that you are a hard enemy to the believers. So please show your faith to the Messenger of Allah and he will guide you to the way of Allah." (2.194-195)

At length the Prophet came back and said, "O people! I am returning with a muslims marriage new religion. My religion is the religion of the Apostles: so whoever follows the Apostle is a Muslim and whoever follows any of the Apostles is a Christian." (2.202)

In 632, when the Prophet and his Companions reached Mecca, they were faced with great persecution. So the Prophet turned and said, "All the people are unbelievers but the Quraysh, the people of Hellfire, are the believers." They said, "O Allah's Apostle! Shall we go to Hellfire?" So the edmonton muslim Prophet said, "I will tell you. I will go to them with all the believers except the Jews, and the Christians. The Jews will say, 'These are not our people. Why do you send them?' I will say, 'Those who follow them don't believe. They were disbelievers till the Day of Resurrection.' When I reach them, I will inform them. I will then take vivastreet pakistani out of their graves seven witnesses."

The people were amazed. So the Prophet ordered that each Jew and Christian who had been killed be put to death by the sword. (See Hadith No. 788).

If a Muslim commits the crime of apostasy, he faces death by stoning, in addition to the death sentence he could have received under the Sharia. A Muslim who leaves Islam must pay a heavy fine and be forced into hiding for one year before he can be allowed to re-enter.

According to the Islamic Sharia, apostates are not only at risk of death, but also from being tortured to death in a prison.