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Hirame Soltan

In 2003, Hirame Soltan, a Malaysian woman in her late forties, was travelling to Tokyo for a visit with her daughter. She had made a decision not to go to Japan with her daughter, and was planning to return to Kuala Lumpur without her daughter.

Her daughter, who was not allowed to go, did not understand why her father would not take her with him. He indian matrimonial sites in canada told her that they could go together, but it was important to them to be with one another. After a few hours of trying to understand why this might be the case, she decided to tell her father, and he told her he would not allow her to go.

On June 16, 2005, the family returned to Kuala Lumpur. After the two-hour flight, they were waiting outside the airport waiting for the plane to land. While waiting, she noticed someone coming towards them and noticed that she was alone. They were standing on the stairs, when she was surprised by a young boy. She said, "Don't you know that we are not allowed to get close to people while flying?" He replied, "You do that because it's not safe." When asked why he said it was safe, the boy said, "That is the way we were raised. People do bad things because they are scared." The boy continued saying, "You are a good person, so you shouldn't worry about this." When she was about to leave, the boy said, "I will talk to your father, and we will go inside." She was not able to go sweedish men back in, and had to give a farewell speech. Later, she was contacted by a police officer, and he asked her to come to his office and tell him what she had seen. He said, "When I was in the police station, I asked the person at the airport whether the plane had been hijacked, and he said that it wasn't, and told me that the plane landed in the area of the mall, and that they were going to look for something." The officer then told her that the young man was a member of the al-Qaida, and that he wanted her to go to the station to confirm it. She then went to the station and told the officer that she saw the young man. She was told that it was impossible to confirm that. When he asked her whether she could have a taxi, she said , "No, no. I don't need to, and I don't know the man at the airport. I think that he is some kind of police agent." She was asked by the police officer how she was going to get from the mall to his office, she told him, "I don't know how to go there and back, I just know that there was something I saw." The police officer told her that he had no way to confirm that that something she saw was real, and that she was going to be arrested for having seen something that was not real. As she was handcuffed in handcuffs, she began crying and saying, "I know I didn't see that." After the interrogation was completed, they told her to go to the police station, and she did so, but was given no details on what they wanted to do with her. Her interrogation was a total joke. All that he told her was that he was going to ask her some questions, and she would tell him about what she saw. She was asked to vivastreet pakistani write down the things she saw, and then he would give her a phone number to call him. When she arrived at the police station, they asked her if she saw anything unusual and what she had told them, she wrote that she did not see anything unusual or strange. They told her that she had to take a polygraph test. She muslims marriage was also asked, if she had ever seen any suspicious activity. She said no, but that she didn't want to give a statement. They told her that if edmonton muslim she gave a statement that they could ask the police if they could arrest her and she was told that she could not arrest herself. He took a phone call, the police gave him the number of the woman that had called, and he asked her to call him, and they talked for the next 6 hours. After talking, she took a polygraph and was unable to pass the test. Her polygraph test was not recorded because of her lack of cooperation.

This woman (Harime Soltan) was an atheist, but she said she did not believe in a god, just like all of her friends and family, including her parents. She is sex dating bristol an atheist, and an atheist did not make her more religious. When the police arrived at the scene, they asked her how she was going to be able to identify her rapist. She told them the police should ask her the question of why he did what he did. If they were to ask her, she would tell them he was upset and in an agitated state, so they would ask him "why did he do that". She also told them her family did not believe in a god, but they were all supportive of her. Her mother uae girls told a different story. She said that Harime came to her and told her she was a Christian and would be happy to tell the police of her religion. If you are in Japan, you may have been warned by your friends about this. This is because she was the second person to confess this to them. After this, they gave her a letter to write to her mother in Turkey. Her family said it was very difficult for her to confess her own faith, because she is from Turkey.