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hello am 48 year old man from somalia

Hi, i am 50 yr old from Somalia. i was born and raised in somalia and i have lived in USA for past 5 yrs. i have always liked reading books and i would love to travel as much as possible in the future.

In the past, i would go back and forth between USA and Somalia. i would always love to see the beautiful landscapes and the history of Somalia and its people. i used to love the beautiful food and the cuisine of Somalia. I even used to visit Somalian places. However, things started to go downhill and i started to get tired of all these trips. i had started to lose my love of Somalian food and I got tired of spending all day in front of the TV. I tried to make up for my lost time by starting to learn the different languages in Somaliland and trying to get to know the culture of Somaliland.

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You have to do this right now

1. Cleaning

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5 Significant Facts

He got married a month ago to a beautiful and beautiful girl with the highest quality. His bride's name is Alina and they got married on a beautiful day on March 22, 2016. She is also very beautiful and smart. The only problem, he didn't have enough money to get a present for his beloved bride and so he asked the girls friends to give him the present. Unfortunately, the girls friends weren't there. So he had to make it by himself and they gave him a present. It was a nice present but it wasn't enough for his poor bride. So she is now crying because he didn't pay enough for the gift. And what was uae girls his last thought as he was going out to buy presents? What he thought, I have to buy her a present? That's what I thought… But as I was going to buy his presents, I thought to myself, if he is the kind of person who wants to give her a present, how can I go out and buy something for her? But at the same time, I couldn't refuse him.

Irritating findings

his hair colour, his age, his height, his body type. However, when we get to know this lovely and shy young man, he is the kind of person who knows all the problems we have. Here are the things we could expect from him:

1. he is a very smart, articulate, attractive, well-mannered, and fun guy. 2. he is good at sports, especially basketball, football, and volleyball. He has always played for his own team and he has a dream of being the first basketball player ever to make it to the NBA. 3. he is a dedicated and patient guy who does his best to make your day. 4. he is a person who is very open, cheerful, and caring, which is very different from other guys who would show you a cold look and ask for your business at the end of the night.

10 Facts you need to understand when it comes to hello am 48 year old man from somalia

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