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Boys from Berlin - German Boys and men in general

The second part of our series on hot german men looks at what sex dating bristol makes the German boys tick, how to attract their love, how to be a good friend, how to look good in a suit and even how to manage their finances!

The boys of Berlin

"We can find anything at Berlin, from the top of the towers to the ground floor of our flats, which is great because it's so crowded.

We've been able to get a lot of young men from the Berlin area who are really interested in learning German. This way we can connect more with young German men and see what they're up to in Germany, and what German culture they're exposed to and what language they know."

"One thing that stands out for me is how young the guys are. All of the guys we've got now are between 25 and 29 years old, and some of them are even in their late 20s."

"I've had lots of guys asking me about how to be a great friend, how to handle their money, and even how to go out with girls."

"We've got quite a few of these young Germans that are starting to come into our group vivastreet pakistani so we can keep a close eye on them."

"We have to start the conversation, we have to be honest, because it's hard for them to get to know us at first. We don't want to be rude or mean and it's a great opportunity for them to learn German.

"One thing I like about German guys is that they can talk a lot. It's a good indian matrimonial sites in canada thing to talk with them about how much they're looking for. When we talk about our job, our hobbies, or even how we spend our money, they always come up to me to tell me about their interests."

"They've been coming in here for a while, but when you come here you have to be serious and you can't show anything you're not uae girls willing to do. If you want to be serious you've got to go out and do it.

"They're always polite and we always ask them what they're looking for and how they spend their money and what their hobbies are. We always want to know how we can help them.

"I like them to come in here and speak a bit more to me. If we're going to have a conversation, we have to talk a bit more. They talk to edmonton muslim me when I'm on my phone.

"They're usually very nice, but they also have some crazy beliefs. If you say something, they say something back. I've had many Muslim men come into here. They were all nice and polite, but the craziest ones are the ones that would go off the deep end.

"There are a lot of very religious people here who do things like pray and recite the Koran, but these people are not religious. Some of them are very conservative and they'll take it out on you if they see something wrong with it. They can't understand why you're upset, so they can be really aggressive."

A man named Abdul also said he was not allowed to talk about his religion publicly and that many of the men he saw in the bar looked uncomfortable to him. He said: "They all seemed really nervous, like they had a lot to think about. It seemed like a strange mix of people who may not even realize they're Muslim but they seem very angry with the media, the government and with the current situation in the country."

A lot of them had tattoos.

One man who we'll call "B.D." was a regular customer sweedish men at the bar. He said: "The people here look like they're from another planet. It was the most racist crowd I've ever been in."

Another man told us he had visited the bar before and that he always felt uncomfortable. He said: "I don't get the impression that many of these people really care if they are Muslims or not. I have never been in such a bad mood as I was with my friends yesterday.

"I was talking to one of my friends who lives in the city and muslims marriage he told me a few of the people around him looked like they had been through hell with this man." Another man commented: "People are saying we should boycott this bar so that they don't feel like they're being attacked for their beliefs. The people in here look like they just want to have fun."

Another woman said she was upset to find her friends were at the bar because they had "gone to get drunk". She added: "We've been at the bar before and it was great. I'm sure it is a fun place to hang out, but that's not why people are in there.

"I guess it makes me more upset that I'm a feminist and it is just going to make things more complicated."

Another woman commented that she "would rather live in a world where Muslims are not allowed to live in a free society" and said: "If there was more diversity, it would be a more diverse world." Another woman said: "It's really sad that some people are like that."

Another man who didn't want to be named said: "It's a free country. I can go and eat whatever I want. If there are Muslims, they can eat whatever they want."

Another woman said she wasn't surprised about her comments, and that the way other Muslims had acted toward her in the past made it clear she had the right to be an outspoken feminist.

"It's really hard to be a feminist and an atheist, you know? I guess I'm just lucky enough to have friends who are feminists and atheists.