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house wife friendship

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"It was one of the most difficult days of my life, when I realized that my husband is not my Muslim husband. I was not allowed to go to my home and was made to stay for the entire night in the house of my abusive ex-husband. My abuser would not indian matrimonial sites in canada let me leave, even when I tried to talk to him in English. I am a house wife of a Muslim man and was denied the right to speak to her husband or any of her friends who are her friends. I am only one who was denied a way to communicate with my husband."

"My husband and I have been married for 10 years, but there are many moments that I have not been allowed to enjoy our relationship. My husband once made me eat a raw meat because he wanted to punish me. My husband also has to get permission from my ex-husband before we can go out. He also makes me wear different clothes and takes advantage of me by using my religion as an excuse to do so. It is very frustrating for me to keep thinking that he will leave me but my husband still refuses to leave me. I love my husband, he loves me, and we both want to be happy with each other, but in order for us to be happy, he needs to see me as his equal, not as a wife."

"I have been married for five years and my husband has been abusive in edmonton muslim many ways to me. One time I asked him to stop hurting me and he said "Well, your religion has told me to do it so I have to" and he muslims marriage slapped me and threw me on the floor. When we go out in public we always have a security guard present. It has been a nightmare but I've tried to tell my husband "You should stop being such a jerk and try and change and work on sweedish men yourself" and he just gets more and more abusive. He has started yelling at me in front of our kids saying that I will never be happy if my children ever see me with vivastreet pakistani another man because he hates me and he has started to say nasty things to the kids. I am afraid of getting in trouble and being in trouble with my children's teachers if we ever get into a fight."

"I was married for two years and my husband had me for seven months before he started abusing me physically and emotionally, with threats of violence. I was also being told to be careful not to look at him. He also had me wear a blindfold when going out alone sex dating bristol and when I was going out alone he would threaten to put me in the oven. My husband would also tell me to be careful at the supermarket or I would be taken to the toilet and beaten on my back if I got in his way. I had a panic attack and my husband then dragged me out of the house and beat me up."

"My husband's ex wife started stalking me after he dumped her. I tried to report him to the police but my husband threatened me and the police refused to listen. I even made up a story to my children's teacher. He got a job and has never contacted me."

"My husband is in Australia, I've never seen him. I've told the children about it and they are too scared to even touch their father. I'm terrified and I fear he'll come back and abuse them."

"I got pregnant at the age of 17 and have been in a very happy and stable relationship with him ever since. But my husband has always had the last word. In a few months I found out that he has been cheating on me, and when my mother visited me she found a ring with the letters 'Z' and 'B' and that's how he learned that I'd had sex with a man.

"We are both still in our early 20s, and in his eyes it seems like he is now the man of the house and has more rights than me. He was the first one who came into my house after I'd moved out, and even went around the kitchen and changed things.

"I'm really unhappy, I feel like I am living with a man who is completely out of my league."

"He told my mum, and then a few months later he told me. He was very upset with me, but it was only after he came round to the flat that he said how disappointed he was that he had come to me after I moved in, and uae girls that he hadn't been able to keep a secret from me."

"He was very angry when he found out. He got a job in the city and came over once a week and he stayed there for a year. He was really nice, and I was very sorry for my mother for feeling this way."

"I know he is a very smart man, and I am sure he knows better than to make such a mistake."

"I would have liked to go on holiday in the next few months, but as I am now, he told me to think of him as a son."

The situation is not helped by the fact that, even though her husband is not physically physically present in the home, their shared house (which she shares with two other women) is still technically his. It was only when he started to live with his partner, in a town in the west of England, that she decided to try and keep this home from his new partner.