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i. Mapping Muslim Life: The Islamic World. The globalized Muslim world is defined by the presence of millions of Muslims who live in more than 120 countries and who communicate with each other in more than 200 languages. A large proportion of the world's population is Muslim. The Muslims of this vast and growing world, whose numbers have more than doubled in the last five years, are a dynamic and fascinating, if sometimes surprising, and sometimes scary, group of people. Their lifestyles, languages, traditions, and beliefs are largely shaped by a unique and very recent phenomenon, the rise of the Muslim population in the West.

ii. Muslim men and Muslim women. When the first Muslims arrived, many of them were illiterate and unskilled. They were often, and still are, treated with contempt, often with violence. The treatment of them by the non-Muslims, who lived in a land where they had been expelled, is not a secret, but is one that is seldom talked about. In the last two decades, there has been an explosion of Islamic education and activities aimed at young Muslim boys and girls in the West. This has resulted in a growing number of Muslim women, who are often treated as second class citizens.

iii. Muslim men. If you ever want to learn about what it's like muslims marriage to be a Muslim man in a Western culture, this is for you. The treatment of men in the Muslim world has been extremely violent, even if there are exceptions. Even if the women and men are vivastreet pakistani allowed to get together and have a good time, there are many that would prefer not to. I have seen men that have been murdered for dating a Muslim woman. iv. Muslim women. These are the women you will find in all the Muslim societies around the world. There are even more in Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. They will be the ones you will want to marry. There are women that are willing to have sex with you even if they are married to a non-Muslim. In these countries, a woman's religion, culture and social position are completely irrelevant, unless you are a muslim. In fact, there are plenty of non-muslim women that would love to have sex with a muslim man because he is a muslim.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan is the world's second largest Muslim nation. The country has over 100 million Muslims. Most of the Muslims in Pakistan are from the South-West region of the country, which includes parts of the country that are ruled by the Pakistani military and the Taliban. The country is known for its extremely oppressive laws against women. A photo of a young woman at a rally, which was organized by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board on February 7, 2015. The rally, in which the rally participants called for the legalisation of gay marriage in Pakistan. (Source: PTI) Two people have been killed and 18 others injured when two armed men opened fire on a rally edmonton muslim in Pakistan's Swabi region. A woman and two men who were part of the rally were injured in the attack and were rushed to a hospital. According to the police, the attackers entered the rally around 4pm and started firing. Two of the assailants were killed and the other two sustained injuries, said police. The deceased were identified as Imran Raza, 38, and Imran Rasul, 29. One other unidentified man was killed. According to police, the two assailants had no weapons and only tried to use their fists in their attacks. Two police officials said two men who tried to flee the scene of the attack were killed. Earlier, a police official said that the indian matrimonial sites in canada gunmen were killed and the remaining attackers were neutralised. However, an eyewitness to the attack, who is a student, claimed that he saw two men armed with sticks attacking and killing the attackers. Shafqat Khan, the father of uae girls the deceased, said that his son had just returned from his school's exams when sex dating bristol the attackers attacked and that he had called his mother to tell her about the incident. He said his son had worked as a civil engineer in an engineering college and was studying for a degree in architecture. He said that the attackers were wearing black clothes with a red scarf around their face. The deceased was carrying a white bag as he rushed into the crowd. Shafqat Khan told IANS: "I was on my way to the classroom when a crowd had gathered in the area and there were several groups of people. There was no one around when I tried to call my mother. Later, I was told that my son was killed by the miscreants."

"We want to make sure the culprits are brought to book immediately. We have requested the police to launch a manhunt, and we will take up any option to ensure the death of this criminal."

Khan added that the police have received a lot of help from social media as well as other media. He sweedish men said that a video showing the deceased's body with blood on it was circulated on social media, adding, "We have not received any other information till now, but it looks like the police have arrested one of the main perpetrators."

"He had been carrying a white bag which had several pieces of cloth, which we believe were torn from the body. The deceased had been wearing a green jacket and had blood stains on the left leg, right side of his head and left side of his stomach."

"We were shocked by the incident as this is a major concern for us. We have a child too, and we wanted to take this matter to the police as soon as possible. We want to ensure that the culprits are brought to book immediately."

A friend of Khan, who did not wish to be named, said, "He was a good father. We didn't know what had happened to him but we have no idea about his death.