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java tengah indonesia

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The main topic of this blog is what it means to be a Muslim in Indonesia. We are constantly looking for people with a unique perspective on Islam, the religion and the people within. We hope to bring you lots of unique information.

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In the year 2014, the global Muslim population edmonton muslim was estimated at 7.8 billion people, with almost one-third of the world's Muslims living in Asia and Latin America. The world's most populous country by population, China, has more Muslims than any other country. The Middle East has the highest number of Muslims, with over one-third of the world's Muslim population living in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Indonesia and other Islamic countries. In Indonesia, most Muslims are Muslims of Indian and Pakistani origin, although it is true that many Indonesians are also Muslim of African descent. However, there are many Muslims of other nationalities living in Indonesia. The largest Muslim population outside the Middle East is in India, with nearly a million Muslims living there, followed by Malaysia with 500,000 Muslims, followed by Pakistan with 400,000. India's Muslim population is about 5 percent of India's total. In Pakistan, there are two major Muslim communities - East and West Pakistan. The population of East Pakistan, the largest in Pakistan, is about 50 percent Muslims and the population of West Pakistan is about 30 percent Muslims. In Pakistan, many Muslims are of Bengali, Punjabi, and Kashmiri origin, but there is also a large Pakistani population in the Punjab, Hangu, and Gilgit-Baltistan. There is also a significant community of Muslims from Central Asia sex dating bristol and the Caucasus countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia's neighboring republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which is estimated to be about 500,000 people. About 1.3 million Muslims live in India, but only 6 percent are Indian citizens. The majority of India's Muslims live in the rural areas of the northeastern states of Assam and Himachal Pradesh.

Islam has many different sects and monotheisms. Islam as a religion is based on two basic tenets - Sunnah and taqiyya. Sunnah, the sweedish men term for the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, includes the teachings of Islam itself. Taqiyya refers to the concept of a third party being involved in the practice of Islam. In Islamic tradition, the third party is known as the taqiyyae, a Muslim who claims to be the rightful custodian of the Sunnah. This is not the case with the majority of Muslims who practice taqiyya. Islam does not prohibit the practice of taqiyya, but rather the third party has the responsibility of spreading the message of the religion to the general population. It is not considered taqiyya to practice taqiyya in the public square.

Here are five facts you might not know about Muslims in Indonesia: 1. Muslims are an overwhelmingly majority in Indonesia. According to the 2011 Census of Indonesia, there are 4.2 million Muslims, the largest group. However, the percentage of Muslims in Indonesia is still low. A study by the Pew Research Center found that while Muslims made up 5.3% of the population, they made up 24% of Indonesia's political parties. That's almost the same proportion that is found in the United States, where it's 7.5%. 2. Muslims constitute a minority in most other parts of Indonesia. The Muslim population is spread throughout the country's seven provinces. Most of Indonesia's Muslims live in Indonesia's two biggest provinces, Aceh and Papua. The provinces of Surabaya and East Java are also predominantly Muslim, but most of the city-states of West Papua and the Aceh-Lombok area are also predominately Muslim. The total population of the country is over 100 million, of indian matrimonial sites in canada which over 70% live in the provinces. Muslims make up about 15% of the overall population, compared to 15% for Buddhists.