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So, it's been a long time since I last blogged, because I just got engaged, and we had a great wedding, and I think it went great. But, I've really been enjoying blogging, and being able to be a bit of a mama bear and help people like me have a life and a career and get to meet other people who love each other as much as we do. So, I really appreciate all the readers that come to the site. So, let me tell you about my life now. So, I got engaged last fall, and then had my wedding. It was a great time. I had a really great time and I'm so happy we were able to be together and get married. We had a fabulous time. And so, I got engaged and then had the wedding. And then the day before we got married, I was having breakfast with the family. And this young man, his parents came up to me and said they would be getting married soon and they have a son that's just a few years old. And I knew they had a son. I didn't know if he was going to be a boy or a girl. And they said, "Well, you'll see in the future." And I said, "Oh, that's great. I really don't know what you're talking about. But it means so much to me that you're coming to my country. Thank you very much." And he said, "You know what I've learned? We Muslims are good people. And when you come to my country, it will be so much better for you." And he was just so happy, and I couldn't even believe it. It was like, "Oh my God, that is so wonderful." And then I started crying, because I was thinking that maybe he didn't know what he was going to get me into.


I'm not sure why the BBC chose this particular scene. Perhaps to demonstrate that the hijab does not prevent all Muslims from becoming good people, or maybe to show how much it's like a magic hat: That, while we all have a certain amount of prejudice against Muslims, the hijab doesn't make us all perfect. But I don't think I'm alone.