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In an interview to the media in April 2012, Zaynab told reporters that "one of the reasons I did it is to help women who are facing a difficult situation."

"Women are forced to marry, and it's just impossible for them to find a nice man," she continued. "And there is this huge problem in Saudi Arabia because the men are not ready for the relationship.

"I want to help a lot of people that are faced with this situation."

A former student of Zaynab's, who wished to remain anonymous, told Middle Eastern News that the student was a "very good girl" with "a nice personality."

"She was shy and had trouble making friends, but that didn't matter because she was nice to people," she said. "I just met her one day in a club. She was really beautiful and it was a very nice day.

"She was not very popular, but she made friends easily and it was her first time meeting a guy. She was very shy. She just didn't have any confidence at all in her appearance, but she told me she was interested.

"I told her how much I liked her and she didn't really take me seriously, but she was a very good girl.

I didn't think she would last long, but she did. It was a nice, relaxed meeting and she was very friendly and nice to all the guys.

"She really came off as shy, but it wasn't her fault. She had never been with a guy before. She was still really shy though, and I told her about my friend and how much she wanted to be part of his life.

"She said she knew exactly what I was talking about and she was really interested in it too, so that was really cool.

"My friend was talking to her about dating muslims, and she told him about her interest, and how she's always been interested in the idea of dating another culture.

"She told him that she wanted to start dating right now and he told her that he wanted to date her too. I vivastreet pakistani was a bit surprised that this girl was interested in the guy, but it didn't really matter too much to me. I wasn't really expecting it either. It was still kind of weird to muslims marriage hear her say that, because she is indian matrimonial sites in canada still kind of shy, but she did start getting more outgoing and comfortable with me around the same time as we started talking more about this stuff. It was really cute that she was excited about it.

"My friend also told his friend and the other guy about this conversation, and they were shocked that he and his friend were really interested in dating a different culture."

"We kept in touch about the next few weeks, but never actually started talking, though he did start calling me pretty regularly, which really made my day a lot easier. He didn't really talk about his plans much, just that he wanted to start dating my friend. He was really down about that and kept telling me that he was starting to get a bit bored of the 'foggy talk'. We eventually started hanging out again, which was great, as it was one of the things that I liked about our friendship."

"We also started spending time together more often. I'd go to work, then he'd come over and I'd cook dinner for him and play games. We talked about my other relationships and how they had changed since I started dating them."

"The conversations got more and more frequent as well. He came to my house and we'd watch a movie or listen to music or talk about our favorite things."

"Finally, after a few months, he asked me out, but I had some reservations. At first I didn't really see the attraction in him, but after a while I decided that I liked him too, and felt a lot more comfortable around him. So I said yes. We ended up dating for a couple weeks. We had a lot of fun."

"He and I had been together for almost a year, and we were engaged."

"We decided to have a honeymoon in Hawaii, and I was really nervous about flying back there. My husband would not believe me. I had no experience with flying and all of the airlines we would need to check in, but when sex dating bristol I got home, he was a little upset."

"Then I got to talking to a uae girls few friends from school, and one of them mentioned how they had a mutual friend named Zayn Malik. I looked up Zayn on the Internet, and he told me he was married to Zayn Malik. We met up, and he proposed. I was surprised . He was so sweet and nice."

"When he proposed, we went to the airport and he was already in his wife's seat. I had to go through edmonton muslim security at the airport, so I waited for him to get off the plane. He went back on the plane and sat next to Zayn. We got engaged right on the plane. Then I got the call from our lawyer and was like, 'Oh, my gosh, you're gonna need to call my wedding planner, he'll know who you want to get married to.' So, I called and the wedding planner was like, 'Who is this guy? He's really cute.' He was from the Middle East and he went, 'What are you sweedish men talking about?' I was like, 'Oh, he proposed, he was already engaged.' He said, 'OK, I'll just call you right now.' It was the coolest thing ever."

"We've been going to his wedding ever since and we were like, 'OK, this is kind of weird.' I asked him what the reason was.