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1. "If you're a Muslim, stop wearing the burka and get married already!" – Gertrude Stein, 1920

"You may think that if you are going to wear a veil, it is because you think women are ugly, or that they are inferior, or that they cannot be as independent as you. But the truth is, they can be and you should learn to respect them." – Amal Clooney, 2005

"You have to have a reason why you are wearing a burka." – Muhammad Ali, 1973

2. "If you are the one wearing a burka, then I will stop you from talking." – Jackie Chan, 1989

3. "I don't care if you wear it to keep your eyes clean, or to keep people away from you, or to show respect for the dead, or anything else. What I do care about is you. You are the man that I am talking to." – Muhammad Ali, 1993

4. "If you are a Muslim, stop saying 'Muhammad' every time you say 'God.' Say it in Arabic, not in English. That's all I care about. If you are wearing a burqa or niqab, then shut up. You should have a right to say that word, regardless of your religion, your creed, or the color of your skin." – Ali, 1993

5. "It's a lie, right? It's not a lie. It's a lie. You're not supposed to get married." – Ali, 1992

6. "I was a white boxer, and I was taught that we had to punch a black person in the face. It's so pathetic that it took an African-American who was the most racist and anti-white, an anti-white bigot, to have the nerve to say I'm not supposed to get married. Now, how is that supposed to help? Why is that so pathetic? I think they're trying to say, 'If I don't marry you, I can go back to boxing and be a punching bag." – Ali, 1996

7. "If you don't like your wife, then edmonton muslim it doesn't matter, you'll have to move on." – Ali, 1992

8. "I wish I had the courage to tell my wife what I think." – Ali, 1996

9. "When they brought you home to America from the 'Wild West' they didn't treat you any better than the Native Americans were treated in the west." – Ali, 1996

10. "I wish that all my fights would have ended with a draw. I want the fans to come up and say, 'Well done! The guy that knocked out all of these guys was the best, man!'" – Ali, 1996

11. "One of the biggest disappointments of my life is when I saw my muslims marriage dad and he was out for the night. It's always on the television. He was like, 'Son, your dad wants to go to the movies.' And I said, 'Well, why? It's a great place.' And he said, 'Because of my family and their good example.' That's all I was trying to get out of him." – Ali, 1996

12. "I remember sitting sweedish men in the ring at Madison Square Garden, fighting George Foreman, and a lot of people were watching from home, and my mom was sitting with me on the couch in my room uae girls and she had this box of chocolates. So I opened one and put the box down. And it was a little brown bag with one thing in it. And when I pulled out a little brown baggie, I looked in it and I said, 'You know what? This is not what I need.'" – Terence Crawford, 2012

13. "I don't think my father ever meant to get to the top. He never meant to become president, I don't think, nor does he intend to be president. I don't know if I could stand a president of any other country, because he has a way of making you feel guilty if you don't do what he says." – Bill Clinton, 2008

14. "It was an experience for me. It was a real life-changer to be honest with you. To go on national TV, and to be asked to be the President of the United States." – Barack Obama, 2008

15. "I did not see the big picture. I did not see what was going on in the world and what was happening to our country. I just kept on fighting for what I believed in." – Hillary Clinton, 2008

16. "There was a time when I believed I was too big to fail, and I thought I could fix the world…I was wrong." – Bill Clinton, 1992

17. "I have to say that if I vivastreet pakistani had to do it over again I would have never been on that stage with you, because I would have probably been a lot more restrained, not because I was frightened, but because I sex dating bristol realized that if I let that anger get the better of me…that's when it got out of control." – Donald Trump, 2005

18. "I didn't want to start a war. But if I started a war, it would be for something completely ridiculous." – George W. Bush, 2007

19. "The thing that worries me is, I think I'm right. But the question is, is this the right way to go? This is the wrong way to go." – Donald Trump, 2013

20. "I don't like people to win too easily, and if you win easily you're happy. If you lose, you don't feel good. If you have to watch your kid's football game, or your grandchildren's football game, it makes you sick. I don't want to win at all. I want to win fairly." – Bernie Sanders, 2015

21. "It is no longer acceptable to say something horrible indian matrimonial sites in canada and then say, 'Well, I'll never say it again.' It's a horrible thing to say, but I am the least racist person there is." – Bernie Sanders, 2016

22. "I don't have the time for politics right now." – Hillary Clinton, 2016