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mohammed foda

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"When i was growing up i was very impressionable because my father was a very poor muslim man with no education and I had a very easy and easy life to be born in. We did not have a TV or internet and that is the reason why i became the biggest fan of muslims. My family was very strict and i would do anything to please my father and i was a very strong and obedient muslim girl. So when i heard muslims are very good at science and when i met muslims indian matrimonial sites in canada and was a fan of muslims i did not know what to think of that. Then i went to the mosque and saw the science but i was so scared and i thought they are a very bad people and bad people are people like that. So i told my father i am sorry if my religion is not right and I will be quiet. But then i met muslims who were so kind and nice and they told me i am a good and good man, that i am not bad and that i can be a doctor and that i will do what i can to help other people and i was really happy because my father was happy and the others were so nice and uae girls they made me feel so good about myself. My father was very happy and he told me that when i grow up i will have many friends and the ones i have are the kind who are nice to me. And my father is so proud and so i'm happy to have him by my side. I can always trust these kind people and to think i'm a bad person is a mistake and i will be good in the future. So that is what i think about muslims.

So what are you waiting for? Don't wait for the next great idea, use it now! Posted by: mohammed foda at December 19, 2009 02:26 PM (IqF3r) "I'm a muslim and I'm not going to give up my nationality. They don't want me to. They're afraid of my father." So now this is something you should do. Your father is a terrorist. Why do sweedish men you think it's OK to have a muslim boyfriend? Don't you know about terrorism? It's a horrible thing that has happened to me, but you shouldn't let it happen to you. If you don't know about terrorism, why would you go to someone who doesn't know anything? Your boyfriend, you should understand him, understand why he thinks something is wrong. Posted by: mohammed foda | September 12, 2012, 12:31 pm 12:31 pm

I agree with the OP's point. If they have been abused, why wouldn't they have to deal with the consequences? And if they were abusive, why wouldn't they want to be free from that? I believe that there is a good chance they may not know the consequences of what they're doing.

They may have a few good reasons, but if they haven't been able to stop themselves, the rest of us should be able to, because we know what they've been through. Posted by: Tanya | September 12, 2012, 12:35 pm 12:35 pm

If you have a problem with a friend or lover who has been raised in a way that it is believed they must be abusive, it's important to look at where this idea originated. If they are abused, what would be the rationale that they had to be abused? If they were abused, why did they continue to do it? Were there other options available to them that weren't abusive?

If you're muslims marriage going to judge someone based on the behavior they have in their past, how would you even know where to start? Posted by: N. | September 12, 2012, 12:36 pm 12:36 pm


You need to take the "no means no" thing out of the equation. If someone is vivastreet pakistani a slave to some sort of religion and refuses to have sex with you or your family, that's a problem. I've seen it happen all over the place. You need to start talking to someone who isn't married to a "good" religion and isn't having sex with their spouse to find out whether this is a religious problem or a social problem.


It seems to me that Muslims would be best advised to start dating non-Muslims when they reach the age of "marriageable" or "marital" age. They are less likely to become "trapped" in a religious marriage, but that doesn't mean they will not experience the emotional and psychological consequences of that marriage. This is a subject I have been exploring a bit, so I'm not sure how well established or reliable this advice is. I would advise, however, that it edmonton muslim be the norm for a Muslim woman to have sex with at least some non-Muslim men. For me, having sex with non-Muslims has been beneficial in my personal growth and development, and it's not just a "nice to have" thing, but a positive thing in a way. I believe that it helps me to see things from a new perspective and understand that there is nothing wrong with a Muslim women having sex with a non-Muslim man as long as the relationship is one of mutual attraction, and that it's good for both parties. And as I'm writing this article, I am thinking about a relationship with a non-Muslim man. It seems that Muslims would be best advised to start dating non-Muslims when they reach the age of "adultery" (i.e. the age where a non-Muslim woman's marriageable age becomes older than her Muslim one). The reason is simple: The women are often more sexually active at that time of their lives. A Muslim woman who marries a non-Muslim sex dating bristol man will likely experience more sex at his age and will have to be more careful about when and how to have sex. There are certain types of women that may be more attracted to a non-Muslim man.