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mounir rafeeq

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About the author: Aslan Shahid is a Muslim journalist living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is an editor at the online publication Muslim Times, and the founder of a Mumbai-based website, The Muslims Today. He sex dating bristol is an active member of the Indian Express online community.

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Photo: Mounir rafeeq, a Muslim in Mumbai, India, holding a picture of Imam Bukhari (Rafiq)."A mounir is a person who does not follow any particular religion," says Shahid. "They're like a mix between a Jew and a Christian." While the term "mounir" itself has its origins in the Persian word "mouni," meaning "non-Jew," Shahid notes that "many people who look like Jews and Christians in India are actually Muslims. In fact, there are even more who are in India and who are Muslim, but have converted to Islam. We call them mounir." According to a 2009 Pew Global Attitudes Project survey, 49 percent of Muslims in India identify as Muslim, versus 11 percent who identify as Hindu and 8 percent who are Sikh. "They are not religious but they respect religion in general," says Shahid. "There are Muslim girls who are religious, and Hindu boys. But most of them are still not able to have their own families. And there is always a stigma attached to mounir." A couple of years ago, a young Muslim girl, who was in high school and was dating a Hindu boy, said the reason she did not have a family was because of her mounir status. The two met in a park near the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur and fell in love. "It's quite normal for a girl to get into a relationship with a boy vivastreet pakistani who has a mounir background," says Shahid. "It doesn't mean that she will not want to have a family with him or even have any children with him. It's a case of, what do you want with a kid? He can have any religion or none at all, it doesn't matter." The woman who had been the victim of abuse also said that if she didn't have a family, she would have married a mounir, or would have had to give up Islam altogether. This is not the only case of abuse and discrimination towards the mounir. A number of people I spoke to told me that they had been told that their mounir status was a problem, that they should get rid of the mounir status, or leave the country. "If you're a mounir, there are all sorts of things that you can do. You can leave. There are ways of escaping from the country. You can go back to your family and go back to school. You can take the job and pay the taxes. It's uae girls not like a refugee, you don't have to get on your knees and beg for food. If you're not really afraid of your family, it's better to go. Your life will be easier in the future."

I've been living in the UK for 6 months and have never seen so much racism before. People are so angry. They just can't stand to be around non-Muslims. The most important thing is that you feel safe. It doesn't matter if you're not even a Muslim. The difference between me and you is that you have a family, they're not going to be scared about you. The Muslim family is very supportive.

I was in the library, and saw that my brother was looking at a book. I asked edmonton muslim him if he needed anything, and he told me that he needed to take a break. When he was back to the library, he asked me if I wanted to go and see a film. I said sure and he put me in a car with his friend. I was so nervous, so scared. I thought we were going to get caught. At the end of the movie, he took me to his friend's house. I told him how nervous I was. He said I had a good time and asked me if he should call the police. I told him that's a good idea, but he would call them anyway. He didn't and I think it's a pretty amazing feat for any Muslim man to get away with saying indian matrimonial sites in canada no to a woman and get away with it again, especially when you look at the history of the Muslim religion. After a while, I said to him, "Well, what about when I get back?" I think it was a while before he went into his house. He was a tall and muscular man. I can't remember his name. He never left. He lived for a while and then left. His wife was an immigrant and he had to help her get a job. There is a story about him going to another part of the city and he asked for a taxi. The cabdriver told him that he did not have a cab number because he had not done that in a while. So he said 'I will come again'. He got into his car and took a cab from the city and the driver came after. So he went back a few more times. He lived on a different street and in a different building. One day the taxi driver stopped and said 'I have some good news for you'. The taxi driver said 'Yes?'. The driver said 'What do you mean?' The driver said 'It is from the people who brought you back from the war in Yemen. They said your people are in a better place. They sweedish men tell me muslims marriage that you have the best education and health care system in the world and that you can be the world's number one economy in ten years. It is a very good time.