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The Islamic State and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria:

The Islamic State is an Islamic State that began as an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the early 90s. It grew out of al Qaeda's Egyptian arm, and took the name Islamic State (IS). IS was founded by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the former head of AQI, in mid-2012, and his group now has an estimated 2 million to 3 million followers worldwide. Al-Baghdadi was inspired by the Arab Spring and inspired many of his followers to fight the Assad government in Syria. The Islamic State began as a series of local offshoots of the Arab Spring in 2011-2012. By early 2013, the group had grown into the biggest regional threat to US interests.

Islamic State militants pose with a man believed to be a member of the Islamic State (IS). The Islamic State was first founded in Iraq, and later expanded its reach to Syria and beyond. It gained momentum in Syria in the summer of 2012 when it began an insurgency against the Assad government, and also gained some support from disaffected Sunni tribes in Iraq. The Islamic State, the self-styled "caliphate" declared in July of 2014, has a fanatical following. It has captured or threatened cities in Iraq and Syria, and claimed to be responsible for over a dozen muslims marriage terrorist attacks in Europe and the US. Its leaders are highly disciplined and organized; its media operation is sophisticated and well coordinated. Its members have reportedly committed at least one suicide bombing and a mass shooting. They seem to have little regard for international law, though it is unclear how much of a threat they are actually capable of creating. The group is estimated to have at least 100,000 fighters; most are foreign, with the bulk of the estimated 70,000 to 120,000 being foreign-born. This article describes their behavior and beliefs, but its focus is on them and what they might do. The group indian matrimonial sites in canada is led by Mufti Mohammed Yusuf, a preacher who has had several brushes with the law. He has a long history of being involved in terrorism, including a failed attempt on the life of an Egyptian President. He was involved in a shooting attack in France in 2011, and there were reports that he also had connections to Al-Qaeda sweedish men and had been in contact with Osama bin Laden. In 2012, he was the subject of an undercover investigation by the FBI. According to the report, the investigation began because of an investigation by the British Government into the religious practice of a small number of mosques in the UK. The report stated that "Mufti Yusuf was also involved in a plot to detonate a bomb at the House of Commons, but was unsuccessful." The Islamic community is mostly peaceful. In fact, they are more peaceful than most of the countries in the world. They believe in equality of rights and respect for everyone. They are a peaceful and open-minded people and I think that the article from Charlie Hebdo is one of the most important stories in recent years in France, and worldwide. They should be sex dating bristol proud of what they have achieved and they should all be proud that Charlie Hebdo has been able to print their articles in such an outrageous way. I hope that the people who did this will be held to account, and I hope that we can all learn from the fact that freedom of speech doesn't stop with satire. There is still a lot of work to be done and it is a shame that we are still living in a vivastreet pakistani time that has so many people living in fear of Muslims. The news that these people are getting paid to do this is horrible. Posted by mike kazak at 12:14 PM

Muslim man killed by police for uae girls not eating Ramadan food? It's just not possible. There are no limits to what these Muslims do. Posted by paul alexander at 10:49 AM

How Islamophobia is being promoted in Britain today. Here's the truth. The British Left is a bunch of idiots. They are in the same business as edmonton muslim ISIS and the rest of them. They want Muslims to be subjugated, and the best way to do that is to use the government to do it. They want to make Islam an oppressed minority in Britain. They're really evil. Here's more evidence of the Left's Islamophobia: Muslim woman attacked after telling her friend she's a 'lone wolf'. The Muslim woman who was attacked and had her phone snatched by a gang in east London has spoken of her distress and anger. The 23-year-old was leaving a nightclub on May 1 when a group of five youths shouted at her, shouting: 'Go back to where you came from, you filthy Muslim.' She told the Standard: 'There were five or six girls in there. They were laughing. "It's a f*g Muslim area".' Her attacker then went over to her and started kicking her, punching her and kicking her with his foot. She said: 'I was crying hysterically. The guy kept kicking me and saying: "Go back to where you belong".' When she managed to get away he started swearing. 'I told him: "It's just a joke. I love you".' And she told him 'I love you' as she escaped.

But after he chased her, she says, 'He grabbed my breasts and he pulled them down and he told me: "Oh my God. It's time for the blow job".' Afterward, he put his hand on her thigh and said to her: 'You're a slut".' A girl was also attacked on June 3, 2012 by her uncle who was allegedly drunk. She was sitting on the steps of her house when she was threatened by her brother who then proceeded to punch her in the face with a wooden stick.