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A Muslim Woman in England Tried to Kill Her Husband

A Muslim woman in England tried to kill her husband when she saw him kissing a woman from another country, police said. The couple got into a fight on January 22, 2015, according to The Sun newspaper. The woman, a British citizen, said she had asked the husband for permission to go back to her home country to see his new wife. The man told her not to, according to the newspaper. When she refused sex dating bristol to go back, she asked to speak to a lawyer. Her husband was out of town and the woman decided to contact police. Officers found her with a knife on the kitchen floor and her husband had a large cut on his forehead, according to police. Police believe she was trying sweedish men to kill him with a sharp object. She was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder and domestic violence. The husband muslims marriage is out on bail and could face 15 years in prison if convicted. The man is currently back home recovering from the attack. (more)

Safarali Kanojia (aka: Safarali Kanojia), 29, was sentenced to 8 years in prison in connection with the brutal rape and killing of an Australian woman, according to news website 24/7 News. Kanojia's trial heard her boyfriend had been drinking heavily before the attack but had stopped when he returned home.

Her boyfriend, 27-year-old Nizar Nafis, was also found guilty of rape and murder, along with a number of other charges, for the attack on the woman.

Kanojia's husband, a Somali, is currently out on bail and is set to be released from prison within three months, if he follows the terms of his bail conditions. His sentencing was later postponed after his lawyers requested an additional five years in jail for him. According to The Guardian, the Australian woman had been drinking and using illegal drugs in her home before the attack. She was found dead in her bed on the night of indian matrimonial sites in canada April 1, 2012. As part of her bail conditions, she was to be under house arrest and required to stay at her parents' home, the house where she lived with her son. When the sentence was due to be handed down, her husband and Nafis both attended court, but Nafis was given a suspended sentence of four months and her husband was given a three-year jail sentence, with a four-month period for good behaviour. However, the Daily Mail has reported that she was found dead in her cell in November, five months after the attack, on her 30th birthday. Her mother, Aisha Hussain, told the newspaper that she did not believe it was suicide, noting that she and her sister-in-law had seen the death certificate that indicated that she had died. There is currently an appeal process to decide whether she was murdered or whether it was a 'case of mistaken identity'. According to the Daily Mail, the Australian woman had been due to marry an Australian man called Mohammed Abdullah at the end of this year, but was prevented from travelling to his home country due to a visa problem. "My daughter had been married to an Australian man for two and a half years," Hussain said. "It is a matter of regret and loss that she should have been killed on her own birthday, which is not a holiday." She added uae girls that she had always told her daughters that they should not marry men who have children. She said: "We told her at the time that it is not safe for her to marry a non-migrant." The paper reported that her sister-in-law told the paper: "She never had any problems with him and they both spoke about it. They were very close. She had been very happy with him." Hussain was sentenced to two years in prison by the judge, with a three-year suspended sentence suspended for two years. His victim, who survived the attack and is now in a state of shock, told the paper: "He always kept his word. If he didn't, he wouldn't have kept his word. She said: "It's hard for me to speak to him as I have the memory of him in my head." She added: "It's the only memory of him that I have of him." She said that Hussain had told her edmonton muslim after the attack that he was 'happy' because 'he was a good Muslim'. The paper reports that the court heard that he had 'tried to get back together' with his victim, but she had decided to end her relationship after he threatened to kill her. She said: "She didn't want vivastreet pakistani to be alone anymore. He tried to get her to get back together with him again but she had a bad feeling about it. They were on good terms. "When she told him that she was getting married , he told her she had to kill herself." She added that she felt she should kill herself because she thought she was in 'crisis' over her boyfriend. A spokesman for the court said: "This was a terrible, violent and unprovoked attack that led to the death of the defendant." She was also found guilty of attempted murder, assault by beating with a large object, criminal damage, and causing grievous bodily harm. The court heard that she had been attacked at the end of May, 2014. When officers arrived at the scene, they found her lying on the floor, unconscious with blood flowing from the right side of her face. The court heard that her attacker had then grabbed a metal pipe, a knife and cut off the back of her head. It has been reported that this is the third time in just over a year a Muslim woman has been killed in the UK for her alleged involvement with someone else's partner.