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muslima app

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The most powerful Muslim dating app.

Muslima dating app was launched in June 2011, and is an app that helps Muslim women find a suitable Muslim man to share their life with. Muslima offers many useful features, including: • A personalized matchmaking engine to find and match the perfect Muslim man and a Muslimah partner. • A social network that offers support groups to help Muslim women navigate Muslimah. • A community that provides education, guidance and advice for Muslimah. • A global community of more than 1 million users in over vivastreet pakistani 170 countries, and in more than 100 languages. • A community where Muslima's mission and vision are to help people lead fulfilling lives. • An app that gives Muslim women and their loved ones a platform to share, connect, learn and enjoy. It is free to download and use!

We are pleased to present to you a new project that has been developed in collaboration with a leading mobile technology company in the Middle East. The project, 'Muslima' was born out of our desire to solve some of the biggest challenges of Muslima's mission, as well as provide a more social environment that will make Muslima a better place for Muslim women and men to connect, learn and live their lives. The app is called 'Muslima' and has already been developed by the team at Wafa. It has already been available to the community and we are proud to bring it to you.

Our mission

The mission of Muslima is to connect people of different religions and cultures with each other sex dating bristol and their communities. The application allows you to connect with people in more than 70 countries. To this end, we have worked closely with an international mobile technology company in the Middle East who developed the app.

The aim of the application is to bring together the people in your community, who have different beliefs, cultures and social norms. This is where Muslima comes in, to help connect people of different cultures. The app also provides a platform for people to have meaningful, healthy discussions. Muslima is available on the Google Play Store in over 70 countries. We hope that with your help, Muslima will become the largest Muslim dating app in the world. We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far. Your contribution can make a big difference to the success of Muslima. Please let us know in the comments section below, what your thoughts are. We hope that you will give us your support in spreading the word about Muslima. If you are unable to make your contribution due to time constraints, please feel free to send us a message. The project is currently running on Kickstarter. The campaign has already started and it is scheduled for August 17th. Thanks a lot for your help and contribution.

This app uses the "Identity Management" to allow a user to keep track of his or her identity. When a user has a "match", the user will see that there is a matching profile from this muslima user. The user will also get the ability to see which muslima member is online, who has replied to him or her, and where and how many matches that muslima member has been matching with. Once a user has completed his or her profile, a message will appear in the message section of the app. The message has two sections, the profile and the profile update. The profile update will show the muslima user's location, date of birth, gender, religion, etc. The user can add the same information to other users, as well as view information on the muslima users that are currently online. The muslima user can also add and remove contacts from his or her profile, and they can also see who the user's muslim friends are.

In the case of multiple muslima members, users can select a specific member and add them to their messages. If there are multiple muslima users, the messages that are sent to all of uae girls the users are in the same message.

Users can add photos, add their own muslima friends to their messages, or send messages that can be read by anyone. You can also send sweedish men a photo that represents a muslima from around the world. For example, a user from Canada can send a photo of a muslima that he or she is visiting. To view the list of all messages from a user, just click on their name in the list. If you would like to send a message to more than one muslima, the user's name is indian matrimonial sites in canada highlighted in the list so you can choose the one you want. After sending the message, you will get a list of the photos that have been sent to the muslima. You can reply to these messages at any time in the list, and the muslima will see that message. Users can also send messages to each other, but their messages will show up in a separate list. You can send your own pictures and even write your own messages, and also comment on other users' messages. After a while, there will be many muslima that you know. They will have a nice story to tell. When the muslima hears that their friend sent them a message, they will see this message in their list and start to smile. If the muslima is too shy edmonton muslim to talk to the other muslima, they can always just write "you" to them in the list to see if they will reply. If they do, the muslima will reply with their own picture. If they don't reply, the muslima will send the photo back to them, showing muslims marriage the "I don't like this person" comment, and a smiley face. In this way, the muslima can tell that their friends also like them and even think they like them.