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I would like to tell you that I am a Muslim. And that is not true. I am just a person that happens to be the only girl who knows my name.

"That is why the man is going to ask for the girl's phone number in this interview."

"If a man has to ask for your phone number for the edmonton muslim first time he would have to make up his mind and say yes before he even gets to know you. It's very difficult. That's why most of the Muslim girls you see are very shy. The biggest problem is that even though you are a good person you still have this idea that you're a bad person. Even the best Muslims have that problem."

"If a girl is from another country and is very shy it is very hard for her to tell you her name because you don't know her. So she is very shy when she is meeting you in public."

"Some girls are very timid and shy in front of strangers. They don't like to tell their friends or even their parents, because they have to be very careful when they go to their parents' house."

"If a guy asks you for your phone number in a first meeting you are very happy to give it to him. It is an important thing. You can't tell a guy that your phone number is in your phone, so it is very easy for him to find it out, because he is not used to people asking for his phone number, so he can't help himself."

"When you meet a girl you tell her you are looking for a girlfriend because that is how you make a relationship happen. But if she does not want to date you that is just another excuse."

"When a girl gives you the address of her apartment and when she invites you in it makes a big impression because of how big the place is. When you are there in the apartment, you should ask her for the phone number of her friend. If she doesn't answer, you might be able to talk with her and ask her out on a date."

"If a girl tells you her parents will kill her if she sees you, then it is not the best moment to ask her for her number. You have to be careful, and if she is not available she should not be your girlfriend. You should give her a chance to meet you. If you do, and she says yes, then it should be OK for you to call her."

"When a girl says she likes your shirt, she should tell you she doesn't like it and give you the opportunity to say to her if she really does like it. Don't let that one slip."

"If you see someone taking a walk with a group of girls, don't go in and do something for them. You should wait for the girl to leave and then go with her alone to talk to her. You will only make a scene if you ask her if sweedish men she likes you or if you're a virgin. You should just go with her."

A few months later I have another text from a girl:

"Hi. You're a good person, I like you. I hope you will like me also, especially after your last message. If you are not interested in me, please leave me. I like you a lot. Don't worry I won't leave you."

I reply to her that I'll wait and I don't mind. After that the conversation starts, but as the two of them started to get into some things. I told sex dating bristol her I don't mind, and she told me she likes it, then she asked uae girls me if I'm the one who sent the email and I answered "yeah, that's me, but that is me only". I explained I'm not really interested in her, and she said "oh ok, I can't stand you". She started vivastreet pakistani to say I've got a crush on her, and that's why I sent that email. I was in shock and I told her to leave me alone, and after a few minutes she just said she's in a relationship with a good Muslim man who isn't my type, and he's been with her for a while now, so he's not interested in me. I don't blame her, I was kind of shocked and shocked indian matrimonial sites in canada that she would say that. She then said that her husband is a good Muslim man and I could leave him, and I was still confused. She ended the conversation by saying she's leaving me, but I can still call her if I want to talk about it.

I had a friend who was very open minded, and I told her about the Muslim muslima and we talked about my feelings about her. After muslims marriage that we just kept chatting and she got very upset that I was upset with her. She told me she doesn't care if I want to know her, and that it's not her problem. I was still confused. After we went back and forth with her, she was very kind and nice to me. She had a good heart. She also gave me some advice about how I could make my situation better. She asked if I had any tips for her, and I told her I didn't because she had more of her problems to deal with. She asked me if I could get a job so that she could support herself. I told her that I couldn't help her financially, but I could help her with her education, and she thanked me for it. She also wanted to meet me. I decided that she could not help me financially.

The conversation between me and her went like this.