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The Mutah

There are about 60 million muslims living all over the world, of which about 20 million live in China. So, the Chinese are not the only ones. There are also a number of other countries which have large Muslim populations, such as Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The majority of muslims are Sunni Muslims.

Most of the people vivastreet pakistani living in India are Muslims. Of these, about 8.5 million edmonton muslim are Shia. These are the ones who live in Kashmir, where the Sunni-Shia divide still exists. But the population in Kashmir, unlike the rest of India, is overwhelmingly Shia.

Some of the Indian states have large populations of non-Muslims, while others are almost entirely Hindu. Most of them are in the northeast, especially Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. And they have a different ethnic mix than in other states, which means they get a lot of trouble when it comes to getting a divorce.

Even though Muslims comprise about 10.6% of India's population, Muslims are more than 70% of those who got divorce, according to the National Family and Community Relations Council, a non-governmental organization in New Delhi. Some of the Hindu families involved in divorce in Kashmir have been forced to convert to Islam because of harassment. In 2006, when the Indian Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling against Hindu-Muslim marriages in Kashmir, a few couples from Kashmir were given permission to go to Turkey to get a divorce. According to a report by the Indian Association of Muslim Lawyers and Lawyers in India, a few Muslims got a divorce in a year from Muslim couples in Kashmir.

India's high divorce rate is not unique to Kashmir and Kashmiri Muslims. In 2005, a survey of Muslim divorcees by the India Today magazine, an English daily, found that only 4.4% of Indian Muslims had never been married, and that only 8.6% of Muslims were married to a non-Muslim. In 2003, the New York Times reported that Muslims in India have the highest divorce rate of any ethnic group.

Even if the divorce rate is high, the Muslim community in India has been trying to create an alternative for Muslim women in Kashmir, who have had their options of marrying men in other states curtailed by the Pakistani army. The Muslim community is planning a special school for women that will offer religious education and provide them with opportunities to have careers outside of Kashmir. In 2007, the Islamic Education Board of India announced that it would open three schools in Jammu uae girls and Kashmir for female students, who will receive free tuition.

The Indian Express, a daily newspaper in India, reported that the new Muslim school would have an English-speaking curriculum and would teach women to be "successful professionals in both domestic and international spheres," in addition to providing "women with a new platform to develop themselves as role models and role models for children." The school would be located at the Jammu and Kashmir Institute of Islamic Research, which is located about 20 kilometers outside the city. The Jammu Muslim Education Council has established the school in coordination with the Jammu Muslim Women's Association and the Kashmir Muslim Women's Council.

The school will be an alternative to the regular Islamic School in Kashmir. It will also be in partnership with the Women's Resource Center for sweedish men Kashmir in the Valley. It will serve girls who are in need of an education.

The first phase of the school will take place in 2008, with the first classes set to start in September, and the plan is to expand the first phase to other schools in the Valley in 2010. The institute's mission is to enhance the skills and abilities of women in the Kashmir Valley.

The initiative comes in the backdrop of increased attacks on girls in the Valley, especially in the past few months.

According to a 2010 report by the National Human Rights Commission, in the year 2003, more than 500 girls were raped in Kashmir, but the number of such cases fell to just 30 in 2005. In 2007, more than 200 girls were reported to be raped.

According to the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the state has the highest number of rapists and the second highest number of victims of rape.

Last week, at least six girls and two women were attacked by a gang of men in Pulwama in the northern part of the Valley. The attack occurred when a group of people were allegedly attempting to commit suicide by taking their own lives.

Meanwhile, in the past few weeks, the media has also been covering the attacks on girls in the Valley, with the recent reports of a girl being raped in Pulwama and the murder of a 12-year-old girl in the Valley's Doda, a town in Srinagar.

One girl who was raped by three indian matrimonial sites in canada men in Pulwama said sex dating bristol that after the attack, her parents gave her over to police as they were afraid of being attacked in their home.

Another woman who was attacked while out on her way to a bank, said that a man was seen asking for money from her while she was walking. When the girl resisted, she said he raped her. Another man is also believed to be involved in the rape of a 15-year-old girl. In the case of the latter, a woman who has been staying at a hostel near the girl's hostel in Doda has alleged that she was raped.

Another woman who works in a police station said that she was attacked on a Wednesday morning in Pulwama.

The victim of the crime is reported to be in a stable condition. In all, three men were arrested on Monday.

Police have muslims marriage also found a knife on the body of the 15-year-old girl.

The 15-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped.