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#14 - A good way to learn more about Muslims is through books and articles. One book that I've found that has helped a great deal to me is 'The Muslim World' by Dr. Zaid Shakir. The book contains information on Muslims from around the world in great depth. I highly recommend reading it because of the information edmonton muslim it gives on Muslims and their place in the world. There are other books that are equally interesting and have also helped me to grow in my understanding of the world around me. Read more of muttah:

#13 - There is more to Islam than what is written in the Quran. Read more on:

#14 - The Quran and Hadith are a tool to be used and used for the purposes they were intended for. There are many other religions around the world that have the exact same beliefs, but don't claim to be the one true religion. These groups believe there are different paths that lead to a similar end. This book provides information for Muslims living in a culture where there are other options for their beliefs and ways of life. Read more on:

#15 - Islamic education has been largely ignored in Western nations. However, this is changing as more and more parents want their kids to learn the history of Islam, read the Holy Quran, read the Hadith and learn about the teachings of Islam. These books will provide the students with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.

#14 - The idea of living a life of chastity may seem weird to Westerners, but this concept has been an essential aspect of Islam since the days of Muhammad, so it's important to take advantage of it. I've found that most of my best relationships are between women who have uae girls been raised in Muslim families. The women I have known have often told me how much they admire what they do in the bedroom. #13 - In addition to the Islamic concept of purity and chastity, there is another very important aspect of the Islamic culture which is also an important part of Islam's teachings on marriage: chaste sex with sex dating bristol a good man (and wife). This is an important concept in Islam, and it's very easy to overlook it. If you're reading this article, you'll know the dangers of chaste sex, and you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of taking a woman who has been raised in a household with such a high level of sexual purity into your life. #12 - There is a lot of misconception in the Western community about Islam. A lot of people think the Quran and the Hadiths are complete, and they're not. There is a misconception that only Muslims are religious, but that is far from the truth. In fact, Islam allows people from non-Muslims to be religious, and it only becomes problematic if they start to abuse their religion by killing, committing blasphemy or raping, among other things. The Quran gives specific instructions on how Muslims should treat non-Muslims, and it also sweedish men describes certain forms of slavery, so they must be treated with respect. However, in the west people assume that the Muslims themselves are "bad". Most non-Muslims have no idea that in Islam, you are allowed to kill and rape your relatives, for example. #13 - Islam does not have a strict separation of church and state. The Quranic verses on marriage state that Muslims should treat their wives well, but if they are not properly treating their wives, the husband can divorce them. #14 - Muslims are forbidden from having multiple wives, which is forbidden by all the laws of the Quran. #15 - Muslims are allowed to marry whomever they like, regardless of their faith or sex. #16 - It is only men who can be killed (kafir), and only men from the Muslim world can marry non-Muslims. #17 - Women can't wear trousers unless they're in burkas. If women wear pants, they are subject to Islamic law. #18 - The Quran forbids adultery. The Prophet Muhammad said, "Whosoever divorces his wife after she has been a Muslim, she must not return to him unless she has had a period of atonement" (Sura al-Kahf), which means that a man can't divorce his wife on the grounds of adultery. This is why the Prophet Muhammad gave the first commandment of Islam: "I seek refuge in Allah from those who practice the muslims marriage Fire and those who kill the believers with their own hands" (Sura 4:33). #19 - There is a saying in Arabic: "What makes you a man is to live your life in the vivastreet pakistani way that Allah has revealed to you." This can be interpreted as "To behave as you are supposed to behave, to keep your word, to avoid sin, and to be the best man that you can be." #20 - Muslim women can't drink alcohol. This includes wine, beer, and rum. If a Muslim woman drinks alcohol, she is breaking Islamic laws. This is because alcohol is intoxicating and makes people go insane. Muslims are not allowed to make any decision about a woman's alcohol consumption without consulting her husband first. #21 - Islam forbids the women to wear anything revealing except a modest veil. The only place where women can wear what they want is the kitchen, bath or a house. But if you want to wear something for religious reasons, you are free to do so. #22 - If you have sex with a Muslim woman you must take his wife as your bride and take her as your wife. This is not only a violation of sharia law, but it also violates Islam's own rules. If you find that you and your Muslim partner are not compatible, divorce is also a valid solution. #23 - A Muslim indian matrimonial sites in canada man is obligated to treat his wife well and respect her as an equal. If he does not, she is not considered his wife and will have to leave him. This is also not permitted under the sharia.