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"I can tell you from experience that there are people who will try to kill you for being a Muslim. They will tell you you are going to hell, they will tell you to go back to where you came from. That is not what Islam is. I don't know any woman uae girls who has been killed by her family because she converted to Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and love and I muslims marriage wouldn't wish that on anybody." – Noreen25

"Being Muslim does not mean you can't enjoy a Western lifestyle" – Noreen25

"I am a Muslim because I want to make a difference. I'm not going to stop until my kids are free to do what they vivastreet pakistani like as long as they are Muslims, and I love my kids." – Noreen25

"I don't see anything wrong with being a Muslim. If a Muslim has a problem with a person marrying someone from a different race or religion, they can simply divorce them and not get hurt. I don't have any problems with my children being born Muslim. I think that it's wonderful that we're raising Muslims who are good Christians, who are going to help our community." – Noreen25

"I have no problems being Muslim. I know there are problems with the way the religious authorities conduct their business, and they should stop that. There's no conflict of interest in being a Muslim." – Noreen25

"My kids will grow up to be good, loving, kind, and peaceful people. They are going to get along and they are going to work together in a way that will work in the best interest of all concerned." – Noreen25

"The issue isn't whether or not you are allowed to be religious or not. The issue is how do we make the world a better place for everyone." – Noreen25

"I believe that Muslims and non-Muslims should be treated equally, that Islam is the only religion that truly promotes the principles of justice and equality and justice for all. I believe that in order for our world to truly benefit, we as a society must work together and share knowledge about our different cultures and religions so that all can benefit. I believe the best way to accomplish that is through the study of a diversity of religions, especially Islam, and I believe that the more that we learn about Islam, the better off all will be." – Noreen25

"Islam is a religion that is based on the Quran and Hadiths. It's not based on what the scholars say. You know, the first person to put down the book in his hand, was a man named Muhammad. So how can I believe in it, when there is a man who said this book came down from his own mouth? That's not a very Muslim way to believe. I think that the best way for us to understand the history of the religion of Islam, is through the Quran and Hadiths. When you take the Hadiths and read the Hadiths, you find out what the Prophet Muhammad was like and that it was the Quran that brought him to life." – Noreen25

"The main reason I want to know about edmonton muslim Islam is because it seems to me that Muslims are the most open-minded and the most tolerant people. Islam has been very influential in terms of our culture and how we treat people. That's the most interesting part of it to me. To me, that is the part that I don't understand. Islam is so big, it's everywhere, in terms of what the majority of people are saying. So the more I learn about it, the more I understand it. To me, it's very interesting." – Noreen25

"I was born in Indonesia, so I lived there since I was four years old. I was always studying Islam and I was never taught about Christianity, and I really tried to go through the Bible, but I never found a book that sweedish men was about Islam. I did a lot of research about how to find a Muslim, but I just never found anything that was positive. There was just lots of negative, you know? I didn't really find that in any book." – Noreen25

"I didn't really see any positive messages in the Quran in my childhood. My parents were both devout, but they didn't go to the mosque much. I guess I just had no faith in my faith and I wasn't exposed to that. In high school, I had a few friends who were Christian, but I didn't really talk to them and I didn't believe in them. I was pretty isolated in high school." – Noreen25

"I'm pretty religious now, but I don't know if I'm that religious. The people in the mosque told me, you know, we should do this or that." – Noreen25

"I was in a pretty bad situation in my life, so I didn't really believe that God gave me anything. I was always on the side of right and wrong. But when I came home, I realized that I really did believe in something. I believe in helping the poor and needy. I believed in giving my time and my money and my effort to my family so that they sex dating bristol could get by." – Noreen25

"My dad was raised in a Muslim family and I don't think he fully embraced his faith, but I do think he did take an interest in my family and I believe that he is open to my family getting along and to growing closer to him." – Noreen25

"I started going to mosque a few years ago because I wanted to learn more about Islam. I was at a very early age not getting the same information as other kids my age about life in the real world." – Noreen25

"I think people look down on indian matrimonial sites in canada religion because of how people treat others, so they don't want to talk to someone who believes in God.