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"How Muslim men choose their girlfriends"

by Maysa Mohammed - Maysa Mohammed wrote an article on this topic, which has been linked in some other threads. He is one of those women who is very popular among men, despite the fact that he is not very religious. He also has some good points on some of the questions we're going to be asking. Read more of Maysa's article:

"Mumtaz Qadri and the question of whether she is an Indian or Pakistani" - A new thread on this topic has started. The reason we're talking about this thread now is that Mumtaz Qadri, the Indian convert to Islam, was murdered in Hyderabad, and is being blamed for it. His father is also being blamed for being a Pakistani (in fact the mother of Mumtaz's sister is a Pakistani, and so is his mother). We'll be focusing here on the Pakistani connection, but it's important to point out that he was killed by a mob and his father is alive and well. Read more of A's post:

"I was a Hindu, and now I'm a Muslim - and I'm not ashamed" A new thread has been created about being an atheist/agnostic. The main reason behind this is that the government has changed its laws on what a "Muslim" is. In this new law, if you are born outside the country and are not of Muslim faith, then you are a "Muslim". There's a reason that I'm Muslim, and not a "Muslim", and if you want to find out more about that, then check out muslims marriage this article. "It's not the Muslims, but the government who are making these laws". This is a common response to my posts. "They're not like us, why would they change their laws?" What makes you think I'm an expert on this? Well, one of my biggest complaints against Islam in particular is that Islam is a religion that does not seem to want to adapt. Islam does not want to be seen as "the same" as other religions, even if there are many similarities between Islam and other religions. For example, the Koran is very similar to the Old Testament in that it does not have an earthly God (as we have now with Christianity). So, in order to be "equal" with a God, a religious group would have to adapt to some extent. However, there are differences between Islam and Christianity and this is why there are people who believe Islam is not a religion, it's a political movement. The difference between an Islamic state and a Christian one is that a Christian state is a political state. Islam, however, does not have a political state. I've even seen some people say that Islam is the religion of peace, but this is simply not true. I can tell you that the Muslims in Syria are as violent as the Christians, Christians, and Jews in Israel. This is due to the fact that the Arabs want to control and to expand their own borders. In Israel, the Palestinians vivastreet pakistani don't have any such wish. The Israelis believe that the Jews are a threat to the state, so they must be exterminated. Therefore, I say that the Arabs are violent, but that is no reason to fear them, and they aren't violent because they want to wipe the Jews out.

The Bible doesn't tell you anything about how the Muslims pray or what they do when they are in the mosque. If you look up any Islamic website, you will find them praying and celebrating in their homes. There is not a single instance where a Muslim says, "I'm going to kill all Jews." In fact, I would go so far as to say that these Muslims are sweedish men the most peaceful Muslims I have ever met. They don't have a problem if someone is sick, or if they have a friend they want to take care of. If someone is crying in the streets, they will just turn their attention to that person and let them be, and they don't indian matrimonial sites in canada have any problem if you are at a wedding and they are upset with you, or they are just having a good time.

The Muslims don't believe that they are the chosen people, and I think it is extremely unfair that they say that they are. Muslims, like all people, are the product of their environment and culture and they have the right to their own beliefs.

It is not edmonton muslim fair to the Christian and Jew to assume that there are only good people and bad people. Islam does not say that these people are evil. They sex dating bristol have their own beliefs and values, just as Christians and Jews do. They have to live with them in their own way, but I think it is unfair to accuse them of being bad for having those beliefs.

I think Muslims are really nice people. Most of uae girls the times I speak with them, they are very friendly. They are kind people and most of the time they are polite to me. Sometimes they are just a little bit rude. I always ask them to excuse themselves before I start a conversation, and they usually comply, but I still like it when they do it. Sometimes, I find them to be really funny. One time, I was talking to a guy, he was a Muslim, and he was talking about this guy who was a Muslim. He told me about this time when his father used to have this thing against non-Muslims. He said, "Well, my father would have done whatever it took to get rid of these people." The guy, who was an atheist, turned around and started laughing. The guy then said, "But that was back in the day, you know." I thought that was very funny, and I asked him how he liked his religion. The guy was just stunned.