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"I was told the only way to have relationships with men, was to 'be like them.'" — A friend's story of how she was rejected by a man in her mid-20s.

"I've been asked to get a divorce and had to go back to the drawing board." — A woman's story of being rejected by her husband, after she left the religion, to become a feminist.

"There's no doubt that I am in a relationship and have a relationship with my husband. … I'm sure I'm not perfect, but I'm not perfect with my husband." — A man's story of the first time he and sweedish men his wife kissed, and how he was shocked when muslims marriage she asked him to "do the right thing."

"I was in my early 20s and living in New York, and I was dating a guy in my mid-20s, who had recently returned from Iraq. We both had a lot of respect for the Islamic community. … I thought he was an honorable man and very religious. I was really hoping he'd change his mind." — An exchange between a Muslim man and his daughter.

"My dad has a new house — it's really nice edmonton muslim — but the first week it's too hot. He doesn't want me vivastreet pakistani to go to the beach. He says it'll be too hot in a couple of days, and he's a little worried. He's very concerned for me and my friends. But, I really appreciate him asking me for advice. We have lots of great things going on, and it's just too hot to go out for a swim. He is a very patient man. He understands how much I've grown up and how I have to keep my head on straight. He's an amazing man. I'm so very grateful to have him in my life.

If I had to choose a word to describe my relationship with Pinoo, it uae girls would be'relatable' I met Pinoo through another Muslim woman who is also married. It was the first time I had spoken to him publicly about the way I felt, and it was a really big deal. This man was a very intelligent, kind and caring person. He was always very open-minded to talk about how he saw the world, and in a way, that's how I've become. He was a total gentlemen. He had a lot of compassion for me and other people. And I think that is important, and it's something that I value. "One time, he was driving down the street when I saw a kid who looked like me and said, 'Hey, are you a Muslim?' I said yes, because I was really worried, and he gave me a big hug, saying, 'Come to America, man! You'll be fine, and you'll fit in!' " This is a small snapshot of my life in a few years, as a new American Muslim. I was just 19 when I moved to New York. And after that, I spent the next seven years in New York and California. And then, I went to Pakistan. I came here for my studies. I was the youngest of four siblings. We lived in one of the largest Muslim communities in the world. I was studying, and so was my brother, who is in his 20s. We'd been raised in the same religious school. Our parents, my father and my mother, were devout Muslims. My parents didn't have any problems with us growing up and were very kind and understanding. My parents taught us about the Koran and how to recite the verses. That's how I was raised.

It wasn't until later that my father had some experiences with what they call "Islamisation", which meant the growth of an Islamist ideology that was hostile to his family and my mother. The only good that he said about this was that "Islam does not have any place in our country". I was 11 years old, so I didn't know what that meant, but I heard that they were saying that there is no place for women in the country. The first time my father found out I was Muslim, was after he married me. He didn't believe me when I told him that I had just finished a religion class. He said that if he married me, the only way indian matrimonial sites in canada that he could support his family would be with me. The most painful thing for my father was that when I grew up, he never spoke to me. I had never seen or heard him before I was old enough to talk, but I guess he just didn't have the time anymore. My mother was a very devout person. She was born into a very rich family and she never took no for an answer, so she always kept her faith. I think I was in fifth grade when I started to question that. The first thing my mother would tell me was, "You don't need a husband, you need a mother" But, I didn't know what a mother was at that point, so I never knew how to answer. So my mom told me, "My son, if you want a husband, you have to marry a real woman. You are the bride, and no matter what you decide to do, you will need a real bride. I am your mom, and I am telling you this so you don't make a decision. If you choose a man, you are not going to marry a real woman." I was sex dating bristol not ready to believe that, and I still don't. So, at my 5th birthday party, I got up and left my mother in the house to go find a man and ask him out. I was just 8 years old. And now, I am 30 years old, and I've met 7 women in my life and never married a real woman. I have had relationships with men and women.