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1. Islam

A religion which comes from the root of Islam, Islam is a religion that is built vivastreet pakistani on an idea of peace, justice, and justice for all people. However, many Muslims consider the following to be "unbelievers" and therefore they consider other religions as heretics. Therefore, the majority of Muslims don't use a sex dating bristol specific language when referring to other religions.

Muslims, who consider the religion of Islam as their own, are divided into two main groups based on their beliefs in the Qur'an, the Prophet's (saw) personal conduct, the teachings of the prophet, and sweedish men the rulings and practices of their faith. The term Islam itself is not defined in any uae girls single set of laws. Instead, it is used as a synonym for "the religion of Islam." Muslims also believe that the Qur'an is edmonton muslim the final word of God. However, they also claim that this book muslims marriage contains several different types of verses, such as, "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger." In order to accept this interpretation, Muslims must interpret the entire Qur'an as if the following verses are the Qur'an and indian matrimonial sites in canada not a part of it.


"If you believe in Allah, then Allah is your Lord, you are his servants; then whoever dies in Allah's way, then he has died for his Lord in full, and you have been commanded to do what is good. And do you not think that Allah is the one who has sent the messengers before you to warn you and guide you? (4:74) So whoever dies in the way of Allah in which there is no way, for him is the penalty of a life-long journey to Hell. So whoever will live a full life for Allah's sake, then he shall be a helper unto his Lord, even if it were with his neck as a girdle."


"But if you believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Qur'an is not an abrogated book, then what is the meaning of this verse, which says, "And there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger," and why should this be taken as a verse from the Qur'an? (4:74) It means that it is not the book of Allah as has been said, but an abrogated book."


"The angels went out for a period and returned, and it was said to those who made the statement: "Be afraid of those who have become arrogant in their conceit; don't approach them and leave them alone." So the people were afraid. Then Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) went out and said: 'They (those angels) have not left us, nor have they left their Lord.' (4:71)


"It has been made clear to you that whoever takes the sword against his brother, he will be given the choice of either taking life or paying the Jizyah, but whoever takes life, his reward will be with his Lord. And the most wretched of the angels is he who is the most arrogant (of them all)." (4:72) "When he (the angel) said: 'You (whom I am protecting) have taken life!' He said: 'If I had not taken it, you would not have found any protection for me. You are my protector.' Then he said: 'Have you been informed that you are not to be protected?' He said: 'Yes, I am protected'." (4:73-75) "It will be said to those who believe, 'You are people of your own, you should go your own way and follow what is right, as you believe.' But those who believed before you have not followed what is right; therefore, they will be killed. Say: 'Indeed, I was brought up with the Prophet in the best of religions (Islam) and I used to take good care of myself, but he died and we all followed him and he was martyred; so we have left you. Go back and follow your religion. If you follow it, you will be given a good destination.'" (4:74-75) "If a person dies and the earth is full of gold and silver, they will come to life again. They will then be killed." (4:86) "Say, 'You have been given the promise of Paradise and if you kill a soul or a living creature, it will not be punished." (4:91) The Prophet then went back to the place of his departure. While there, he found the people of Banu Qurayza who had come to greet him. He greeted them and they greeted him back. "Who is this?" they asked. "He is a Muslim. If you want to know, kill him and take his wealth," he said. Then, he went away and said, "O Allah! I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "O people, I saw my Lord saying to me, "Take whatever you want, I will give you what you wish. Take anything you like and leave whatever you like." I said, 'What about the wealth? You said to your Lord, 'Give it, and I will give it.' Your Lord said, 'I will give it to you as long as you like. You do as you like. I don't know how to guide you. Do as you like.' So when you killed the Prophet, you killed your Lord," This article was also a rebuttal to the claim of Abu al-Fadl who claimed to be a Muslim. It also has an article on the prophet's "sons."

Qur'an 7:143 In truth I saw my Lord's handiwork in those days: They did not think that they would meet Him. They are in the path of the Fire, and will be in the Fire, for they were disbelievers. They were those who killed the prophets. And they will be among the losers. Allah has prepared a way out to them; they are not in a state where they are secure.

Qur'an 33:34 Then I saw that there were among the polytheists those who have killed the prophets, and have been averse to the Sacred Mosque.