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Dating muslims is hard. Dating white people is easy.

A new study by the social psychologists at UC Irvine has found that it is very easy for non-muslims to date and marry muslims, but very difficult for those from other backgrounds to find their own partner. The study is called The Diversity Paradox.

"The study's findings could offer some insights about the social and cultural pressures in America today and the potential consequences of their presence," the report concludes.

The researchers, from UC Irvine, studied 3,000 Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, ages 17-70, who self-reported their ethnicity. "It's not surprising that white Americans, who make up the majority of Americans, have the most difficulty finding a partner," said the report's lead researcher, Rebecca Skloot. "Although we didn't find a strong association between self-identification as white and partners in this sample, it is possible that the white population is still more likely than other Americans to be reluctant to date and marry non-white individuals." The study found that on average, white Americans were two times more likely to be matched for partners, and about two-thirds of the time, were matched for spouses, than black and Hispanic Americans. On the flip side, the results showed that people from Hispanic backgrounds were twice as likely to edmonton muslim have found a partner, and had married twice as many people as people from black and Asian backgrounds. In the end, only about a quarter of white Americans, and only a third of Hispanic Americans, were "very satisfied" with the way their relationship was going. The authors admit that the data can be interpreted in a number of ways. They are particularly interested in how people identify as white, and whether it makes a difference to how people choose a partner. "White Americans may have higher sex dating bristol expectations of their partners than non-white Americans or black Americans, and thus less incentive to find partners who fall outside of their ethnic group, for example, African American men or Asian American women," the authors say. "Similarly, white Americans may also be less willing than non-Hispanic black and Hispanic Americans to marry out of their racial group." This is not the first study that explores the question of where white people are drawn to find other white people. A study by sociologists from Duke and Michigan found that people from "more rural, suburban, and white areas" had less romantic feelings toward black people than those living in more "urban, mixed, and multiracial" areas. In the new study, researchers wanted to see if a similar dynamic would exist when vivastreet pakistani it came to finding partners. The researchers created the "Asian American Dating Survey," asking 1,000 Americans about their preferences for a romantic partner, and what factors influenced them. The researchers found that Asians, white Americans, and Asian-American men and women were all more likely to choose a partner who was white than those who identified as Asian. In particular, respondents were more likely to prefer Asian-American men than Asian-American women to find other white people. But, it was not only white people who felt that Asian women and Asian men were more desirable. According to the researchers, "Asians were more likely than other groups to prefer white men who were less than 5'8' were married and had more than 1 child. These data were not affected by whether respondents identified as Asian or not." So what can Asian men and women do to avoid the stereotype of "Asian man seeking Asian woman" and "Asian woman seeking white man"? The study authors say that these findings indicate that it is possible to maintain relationships and find compatible partners within Asian culture, especially if you can speak other sweedish men Asian languages and understand their culture. Additionally, if you look to a "diversity of approaches" approach and find a partner, the data muslims marriage suggests that you should not be afraid of rejecting the "diversity of approaches" because it may not be in your best interest or "best interests" of the relationships. This article originally appeared at The Daily Dot. "So uae girls if I'm really an 'Asian' then I should just go and fuck a white man." - A woman The study, conducted in 2013, surveyed nearly 13,000 respondents in 19 countries, with the researchers looking at both the preference for "Asian-American" men and the choice of dating white people. The researchers looked at the following questions: Do you prefer Asian-American men or Asian women? Which dating preference are you most in agreement with? If it's a preference to date Asian men, are you more or less in agreement with it? When choosing a partner, are you less or more interested in Asian men? Do you consider a non-Asian to be attractive, attractive, or unimportant? How important is Asianness in a relationship? The results of this study are fascinating, and not surprising. The first question we asked was: "So if I'm really an 'Asian' then I should just go and fuck a white man." I don't mean to suggest that Asian men are a bad or undesirable choice for people, but when you consider the results of this study, you get the following: There is a statistically significant increase in the frequency of Asian male preference in the American male population (P<0.001). The percentage of men who prefer Asian-American men increased with age (P<0.001). The majority of these men (53%) were 18-34 years old. Most (56%) of the men (56%) preferred Asian-American men when dating Asian women. The numbers are in (or at least on the graphs, so be sure to click on them) The American male population consists of about 7.5 million men, and Asian-Americans are approximately 5% of the male population. This means there is a chance for an Asian-American man to find a "non-Asian" wife if she was Asian. This is because, the study states, "Asian-American men are at risk of dating non-Asian women if their partner is an Asian." The survey found indian matrimonial sites in canada that the average Asian-American man was interested in having sex with 12 women out of 100 women he met in a one-night stand or casual dating scenario.