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This is an image of a young muslim girl with an Islamic headscarf. Her father has an identity card from Russia, which proves he is not a terrorist.

"In the last days the Islamic State have started to target muslims because of their religious beliefs. They have targeted children, elderly people and, in some cases, even women," said Mr. Asanov.

He did not specify where he got this information, but he said his information about this situation had come from Russia's federal agencies. A couple of years ago, the Islamic State released a video in which a militant from one of its branches, the Khorasan group, said he had attacked a bus full of Turkish tourists in northern Iraq. It's believed that the video was filmed in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia and that the Islamic State may have used the Russian bus as a target. A few years ago, there was a similar video. This time, the target was a school bus. In this video, the Islamic State's militants say that Russian Muslims are going to Russia to work in construction, and they are planning to recruit some of them to fight in Syria. "There are over 500,000 Muslims from Russia in the Caucasus, mostly in Dagestan, Dagestan's biggest city. But it is not easy to find them," an IS militant says in the video. In a second video released a few months later, a militant says that the target is a school in the Russian city of Volgograd, which is home to some 500,000 Muslims from Russia. It is difficult to know what happened to the Russian Islamic State fighters and how many of them went to the war in Syria. But the video was not broadcast on Russian TV, but was posted online by the Russian Defense Ministry. That's because many edmonton muslim of the Russian Muslims who went to Syria were already with the Islamic State, according to Russian journalist Igor Korotayev. The video was posted on the website of the Al-Khansaa Brigade, a militia that helped the militants in Syria, Korotayev reported. Al-Khansaa Brigade, which was founded by Al-Qaeda leader Al-Baghdadi's brother, was involved in the attacks in Volgograd and Saint Petersburg, Korotayev said. It is not clear where the video was taken or who made it. Al-Khansaa Brigade was formed with the help of the Defense Ministry's special forces (special operations commandos), Korotayev said. The website of the group does not appear to have been up for a while, but Korotayev has said that the Islamic State had already sent fighters to the region, and that the Russian government may have been sending them as well. The uae girls video's origin is unknown. It is likely that Korotayev made the video based on what he heard about the Islamic State. The video was reportedly sent out through the Telegram messaging app. The group was disbanded in the summer of 2014, after a number of Russian citizen fighters were killed in combat with Islamic State. A number of other groups that had indian matrimonial sites in canada been formed in Russia to help the Russian military had also gone dark, leaving the country with an uncoordinated foreign intelligence service, according to the Washington Post. The Russian government has denied that the group was involved in the ISIS campaign. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that "Korotayev did not have contact with any military unit or unit of the Russian Defense Ministry" when contacted by The Daily Beast.

The group called itself the "Islamic State in Russia" in early 2014, shortly before Russian-backed forces invaded Chechnya. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Korotayev served as a "spy" and "military analyst" for the Russian military during this period. The group has been operating in the sweedish men region for over a year. At the time of the invasion, it claimed to have trained nearly 50,000 soldiers and equipped them with "Russian-made" light weapons. It also reportedly trained hundreds of Chechen fighters at a number of military camps in Syria. The group claimed to have had hundreds of followers before it declared its presence in the region. The group's activities included sex dating bristol an apparent online presence, a mobile phone service, and a website and social media accounts. The Russian government has recently confirmed that the group was responsible for the shelling of civilians in the Syrian town of Kafr Nabudah in October. A spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry has said muslims marriage that they were investigating the claims about the group. However, since they did not know enough about the details of the group to confirm their involvement, the spokesman said, the group had been declared a foreign terrorist organization and their assets were frozen. The group also stated that they had been ordered by their leader to prepare to carry out attacks in Russia. A few days after the statements were made, the group stated that they were being monitored by Russian intelligence. In October, a Russian newspaper reported that the group was based in Moscow, although it is not clear how much the group's activities actually take place in Russia.

They have not yet released any evidence vivastreet pakistani or video footage to support their claims that they were responsible for the shelling. A spokesperson from the group stated, " We don't even know how they got to Russia. They probably used their phones to contact us to join the terrorist war in Syria. It's very possible that they are still inside the country and we are still watching their movements." Some of the comments made on the group's Facebook page about this news included, "You really need to be in Europe to get your own security. If that's the case then you need to find a new life, you idiot." Others expressed disgust that Russia would target the Russian Muslims. On the other hand, there are many online posters who share these images.