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Singapore is also known as Asia's Largest Mosque (the Burmese Mosque of Maung Maung is one of its most famous sites). The Burmese mosque is the world's largest in terms of building. There are currently 12,000 Burmese Muslims living in Singapore. The Burmese Muslim population is estimated to be around 150,000. Singapore has a long history of trade with Burma and China. During the British colonial period, many British traders and settlers lived in and around Singapore and the area of Mascot. Singapore is famous for its beautiful islands with beautiful beaches, beautiful food, and friendly locals. I have been to several beaches, including the famous Bali, and the picturesque Malacca Strait. Singapore is also a great place to study in Singapore with its huge public universities and its excellent public transport. Singapore's economy has been one of the fastest growing in the world. From the late 1970s, Singapore has been a major player in the Asian Economic Cooperation, and now Singapore is a regional and global leader in e-commerce. The city-state's economic growth is the result of its growing population, which has doubled in the last 20 years, while the population of the rest of the world has edmonton muslim increased only by 1%. The Singaporeans have also built sweedish men a great new public transportation system, the JLPT. Singapore is an international city with a diverse society, which is also known for its tolerance and multiculturalism. Singapore's government has been very successful in attracting multinational companies and investing money in this country. The government's infrastructure development is also extremely advanced. Singapore has the highest quality of health care of any country in the world. In fact, the vivastreet pakistani Singapore government has one of the highest life expectancy rates of any nation in the world, especially for people who live in a developed country. In 2008, the Singaporeans voted in a general election to replace their Prime Minister, who was assassinated by the Muslim extremists in the country. The elections were highly contentious because the Muslim extremists did not want any change and they won by a slim margin. The Singaporeans voted for indian matrimonial sites in canada this new Prime Minister to become President. Singapore is a relatively peaceful country. Singaporeans have a high tolerance for other faiths and a large Muslim population. However, Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, was assassinated in a terror attack muslims marriage during an election campaign by a group of radicalized muslims who had taken up arms to oust the current Government. The majority of the world is a very diverse place and in many ways Singapore is a perfect example. People from every country, religion, ethnicity, and gender live together harmoniously. The Singaporeans have a low crime rate, a high standard of living, and a low unemployment rate. In fact, the majority of Singaporeans are highly likely to graduate from college and many have become highly successful in business, science, and technology. Singapore's first Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong, was a Hindu born in Singapore. Many of the sex dating bristol first people that arrived in Singapore were Indian immigrants. They had the same dream of making a better life for themselves and their children as many of the others in Singapore had. In 1939, the Singapore government decided that if Singaporeans wanted a better life, they would have to learn English. The idea was to develop the economy so that it could become the new capital of the world. The government also had to develop a good education system for the next generation, in order to get people to work hard and make a decent living. The government's aim was to create a new Singapore. By the year 1940, there were about 3,500 Indian immigrants living in Singapore. Today, there are nearly 3 million of them. After the Second World War, there were a number of different reasons for people to leave the British Empire. One was to join the Indian Army and be part of the Indian resistance against the British Empire. Another was to settle in the Philippines or in Indonesia, and avoid being in China's sphere of influence. A third was to go to Malaysia, Malaysia's sister island to Singapore, for example. In 1958, a bill was introduced in Parliament by a British MP that encouraged the immigration of Indians to Singapore. The reason why the Indian migration to Singapore was started was not due to racial reasons, but was the result of a need to improve living conditions in India after World War II. The UK and the United States were not allowed to send food to India, and the food supply was uae girls almost non-existent. So, the British and Americans were forced to go into India in an attempt to provide food, and the Indian immigration was made possible by the British Government. In 1948, Singapore had the highest population in the world, at a population of over 8 million. The British immigration policy encouraged people from India to come to Singapore and live and work there. But it seems, Singaporeans also felt that Indians were not good enough to live and work in their country. This was the beginning of the 'Singaporeans vs Indians' rivalry and they even started to fight each other. This rivalry lasted for years and years, and it ended in 1967, when the British Parliament banned the entry of Indians from entering Singapore, Singaporeans were allowed to live in Britain and even the Indian Government had to allow Indian students in to work and study in Singapore. Now, many would agree that the British had a great immigration policy, which allowed them to have the most people from all parts of the world in their country, and in some ways this is right, the British made Singapore their home and they did great work. But that was not the whole story. Singaporeans wanted to maintain their own identity, and they wanted to preserve their own customs and traditions.