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Alia Ismail has a PhD sweedish men in Middle Eastern studies. She's currently working in the Middle East as an investigative journalist covering the human rights abuses of the country. She is the creator of The Alia Ismail Center for Investigative Journalism in Al Jazeera English. Alia Ismail is currently working on a book on Syria.

Her latest project is "The Human Face of the Syrian Civil War". She is the author of several nonfiction books, including "The Secret Life of the indian matrimonial sites in canada Syrian Refugee Crisis" (Penguin Books, 2012) and "The Arab Spring: A History" (Random House, 2008). She has written for several mainstream outlets including Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, The Nation and Vice. Her articles and writings have appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, and many others. In April 2015, Alia Ismail won the first ever "International Writer of the Year" award from the Middle East Studies Association, the largest international writers' association in the region. A photo of Alia Ismail was posted to Facebook in December 2015, with a caption claiming that she and her sister, Hossam, "lived in a small flat in Damascus, where she worked as a housemaid". The photo also includes the caption "Syria, in a nutshell". In the photo she can be seen on the left side of the frame, surrounded by a group of female friends, all dressed in traditional Islamic dress, holding a piece of paper with Arabic writing on it. In the Facebook post, Alia Ismail says, "I've seen a lot of beautiful Syrian women in the past few years. I can only say that all the women I've seen have been beautiful women, but all of them were the most beautiful in their own way, with their different ways of thinking and acting." The post went on to say: "This is one way they can express their views. The people living here have a lot of opinions, so if they like something, they don't hide it." Alia Ismail's friend Hossam, left, and the woman in the white dress with the face in the background, Hadi Al-Abboud, are not her real names, but they are what they have been using online. Hadi Al-Abboud was arrested earlier this year and sentenced to two years in prison in Lebanon for allegedly helping Syria's Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front in the battle against the Lebanese army, Al-Monitor reported. It's believed that Alia Ismail and Hadi Al-Abboud started meeting online. Her friend Hossam said in a video interview on Facebook that Ismail has a Syrian passport, which means she has entered Syria in order to travel. Alia Ismail is also a friend of Hossam's, who lives in Beirut, and they have been going to the same nightclub. Alia Ismail told the story about a night when she was with Hossam when the attack happened. "Hossam was holding his phone in his hand, and he looked up and he saw a woman in a white dress in the doorway with sex dating bristol a big knife, and she stabbed Hossam in the chest with a large knife," she said. "The woman screamed in English and said, 'Don't go, you're going to die.' Then she fled." The attacker was killed, but the victim's brother said they had to hide in the club's bathroom while the security guard was wounded in the attack. It's important uae girls to note that Hossam does not have a Syrian passport and his name is not released. The man also didn't edmonton muslim have a car, and Alia Ismail said they only had $15 (about $15.50) on them and couldn't afford a taxi. They are currently in Turkey and Hossam is staying with a friend in Antalya. It was unclear if the attacker was from the nearby Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, where a bloody car-ramming attack on the police killed eight officers in June. The Diyarbakir attack had been under investigation for days before the attack, but only the police opened fire after they received a call from someone saying a car had been stolen and a man was running around a bar with a rifle. The Diyarbakir muslims marriage attack killed two police officers and wounded two others, but the victims were still in hospital and the Diyarbakir police chief said his men had made their way to the vivastreet pakistani scene by foot.

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A car was driven into the crowd in Paris on Friday night. Two people were killed, three were injured and one was killed after a terrorist drove a car into a crowd of people watching the fireworks on Bastille Day in Paris. Police have said it was a terror attack but the motive has yet to be determined. The attacker is said to have acted alone.


Paris is in the middle of a tense day of national mourning as citizens mourned the deaths of the two police officers who were killed when they were shot on Thursday evening. The two police officers were shot in the city's southern suburb of Montrouge after they went to arrest a suspect in a terrorism investigation. The suspect, who has been named by French media as Ayoub El Khazzani, was shot and killed by police after being shot by a police officer. The officer who shot him is understood to have suffered bullet injuries. At least five people have died after being injured in the attacks. At least 11 have been injured. French President Fran├žois Hollande told his nation that the attacks in Paris are a "cowardly and savage terrorist act" that cannot be justified. Hollande said that France was united and strong and would not be intimidated. Police in the French city of Nice, where the attacker was killed, say they have stopped the assailant from getting to the city's main station. The shooting came after a series of attacks by extremists in France that have killed scores of people over the past few months, including a mass killing last Friday in Paris.