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How is a Muslim going to feel when he sees the Christian Bible being translated into Arabic? That's a very important question to Muslims in the Muslim World. It's a very serious question. Many Muslims are so excited to find out what is going on with the Arabic, that it's not really a question that has a simple answer. Many people don't feel comfortable with the idea of Christianity being translated into Arabic. A lot of people are trying to find ways to protect their holy books. There are a lot of problems that people are saying, "Look, if you don't want to do that, you don't have to do it." Well, of course not. Why would you want to have all your holy books translated, and not have them translated to a language that will be understood by all people in the world? But of course that doesn't really mean that's a good thing, because that means that all of those holy books are going to get translated. Of course there are a lot of Muslim countries that have had very difficult relations with the rest of the world. Even the Arab states are getting together and saying "Hey, we're going to do our best to help out Christians because we're afraid that this is going to get out of hand." So that's a problem with that. If you go to a Christian church, and then go into the bathroom, and there are these two men with their faces covered, the Christian congregation can see that, and they know who it is. But if you go into a mosque, and they're all completely covered, that's going to go up a red flag to all the Christians that go there. "See, we've got to get over here. They're gonna see who we really are." "I'm not a Muslim. I'm a Christian. They're not gonna think I'm a Muslim." That's the problem.

So the first question I always ask people who are interested in Islam is this: "Who do you believe in?" and "What are the issues of the day?" This is where people get really nervous. If you have questions like that, why would you talk about Islam at all? I mean, if I asked you a question about Judaism, you'd be like, "Why? What's wrong with Judaism?" And, of course, I'm not going to ask you any of the same questions. I'm not the one asking you these questions. But the point is this. It's important for us to talk about these things, because these are real issues that have real consequences in the real world. It's not just the idea that, "Well, you've got some problems with Islam, so you're a Muslim!" That's ridiculous. What is it that you believe in? What are your issues? This isn't just about one religion, it's about the whole world. What happens when one country or one group in a particular country, say, starts doing something that is not acceptable to other people? It doesn't matter if you're Hindu, Catholic, Moslem, you still have an issue with some other group. I mean, if a group of men decided to go out and burn a cross on a hill, the issue of, "OK, this is a group that has no place in my country," is not just about that one individual group, but it's an issue for every group in the world. It's not just about the West or the West of Europe or the USA or the United Kingdom. It's about the entire world. It's about every single person on the planet. And that's how I think. It's not about religion. It's not about one religion. It's about all of us, and that's all I want to do.

If you know someone that might be interested, I'd recommend you read this. "The only thing the majority of the world can agree on is that there is no God. There is, however, one God who can only be known by those who truly worship Him. And the way He truly is known is as the God of all worlds, who is in the form of a person who is the most important person in the universe. " – Mohammed, The Holy Quran "And who among you will believe in him if he is not a prophet? He who believes in him is certainly a prophet. And whosoever believes not in him is a disbeliever." – Quran 16:97 "It is He who has sent you with the Truth so that all men might be united on the earth to worship Him (in humility); and those who reject the faith of Truth will certainly be in the Fire." – Quran 6:111 "Allah hath given me the Book, that I may write unto them truthfulness; and they shall bear witness to it, and I shall be their witness over them, and there shall be no compulsion in my religion. And you shall not worship other gods besides Allah. Verily, Allah loveth not the Pagans. " – Quran 5:33 "If thou fear that thou shalt be called unto a trial, say unto those who call you by thy name: 'Truly, my Lord is Allah; and Allah is Mighty, Wise.'" – Quran 5:31 "Thou shalt have no other god but Allah; and if thou wouldst serve him, serve him not according to the fashion of the heathen, but according to the religion of Allah: for Allah is full of grace to those who believe." – Quran 5:32 "Say, 'My Lord, you are the Ever-Living; I have no other deity but you; and My Lord, forgive us our sins and make us come unto You (as a reward for Our good deeds); " – Quran 5:33 "I have not left you aught but My love; I have not abandoned You, nor forsaken you, nor will I abandon you until the Last Day; and if I should leave you, I will never abandon you to the (Hell) Fire; so worship Me and serve Me, for I am ever with You, O Lord, and I am Ever-Living." – Quran 5:34 "We are not in the least worried about them who follow not the way of the (true) religion. They will enter the Fire.