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"There are a million people on earth who are muslim and I mean a million. It's impossible to know the actual number, as some of us are muslim and others aren't but the number will never be less than a million. I'm afraid I can't even think of one, so the real number of muslims out there is probably far greater. But I'm sure it's around 10 million, and probably much higher."

Dr. Muhsin Agha

"Most of us are not really Muslim and have no idea what a muslim is. We don't have any religion to go by, we don't have a book or an Islamic leader that we can look up to for guidance, and we are so confused when we hear the term muslim or the word muslim to describe us. The more we learn about it the more it hurts. It's just a way for society to say, "Oh, this is not good. Not all Muslims are like this." You are a muslim if you believe that your faith is superior to all the others and you reject the non-believers and those who don't practice Islam."

Dr. Anwar A. Haddad

"There are several differences between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. There are a great many similarities, and many more that are unknown. Many religions and cults are based on the idea that their doctrines are the truth. These people are wrong, but they are also not wrong in the way that people tend to look for the truth. The differences are that the Muslim knows that it is a mistake to follow one edmonton muslim religion or doctrine over another. The Muslim knows that the Koran, the Sunna, the Hadith, and the Sira are his and hers and that he cannot go back and revise the past or even begin a new religion. They are her to begin with and he can only take them as they come."

– Sayyid Qutb

This is a quote by Sayyid Qutb, a leading figure of the early 20th century Arab muslims marriage nationalist movement. Qutb became known for his work on social issues and the establishment of a revolutionary Muslim society. The modern Muslim is not a follower of any single ideology but has developed his own unique way of understanding his religion. His understanding of Islam is very important for the modern Muslim.

Muslims who follow the Hadith (tradition) don't have the privilege of having the words of one man as the only source of their religious authority. They understand that Islam is more than just a collection of words and that there are many different sources of Islamic authority. The Quran itself does not claim any particular authority, but that it is the word of God.

There is no single Muslim sex dating bristol who has the authority to teach the Quran in any way and anyone who claims to have any authority is a liar, or is simply using the Quran as a tool to uae girls create a political agenda. Muslim women have the right to wear a hijab (a veil used by women covering their heads and faces) without any restrictions. All of the world's religions indian matrimonial sites in canada have the same right to vivastreet pakistani practice their faith freely, without having any limitations placed upon them. The Islamic faith is not a single monolithic entity but a collection of different beliefs that are all united by their common purpose of fighting unbelief. The fact that most of the world's religions are not a monolithic entity does not mean that their leaders are not equally flawed and can be flawed. I'm still not going to say that Muslims are bad people and we all should hate them, but in order to do that you must understand the problem and deal with it. The only way to do that is to recognize the problems and find solutions. If we don't deal with the problems, then we will never solve the problem. This article is about single muslima com. If you ever wanted to find out more about dating muslims from around the world, this is for you. 1. Islam: Why Muslims are "good", or, "Muslim" 2. The Qur'an and Hadith (Qur'anic) 3. The Prophet's (SAW) Traditions and Sayings 4. Islamic history 5. The Prophet's (SAW) Life and Career 6. Muslims' view of Women, Men, and Homosexuality in Islam 7. Muslims' view on the "Slavery" and "Jihad" in Islam 8. Why Muslims are "Religious and Moral" 9. Why some muslims are "Pro-Gay" and "Pro-Sodomy" 10. What is the "Islamic Revolution" and the Muslim Brotherhood? 11. How many muslims are in prison? 12. How are Muslims living in the United States? 13. Why does Islam make you sweedish men hate America? 14. Why do Muslims hate America? 15. What do Muslim politicians think about gay rights? 16. What are Muslim women's rights? 17. What are the differences between Islam and Judaism? 18. Why is it called "jihad"? 19. What is the Qur'an? 20. What is Islam's relationship to the world? 21. What is Islamic jurisprudence? 22. Who are the real Islamic fundamentalists? 23. What does the Quran say about marriage? 24. Why don't Muslims wear hijabs? 25. Why do Muslim women have to wear hijab? 26. Why is it bad to leave Islam? 27. Why are some Muslim women afraid of leaving Islam? 28. Is there anything wrong with leaving Islam? 29. How much more Islamic can we get? 30. Why is Islam so important? 31. How do you find out more about Islam? 32. Why does Islam have such a strong negative reputation? 33. Is Islam in danger? 34. What can be done to counter negative perceptions of Islam? 35. Is Islam a religion for those who hate Muslims? 36. Do we really have to obey the Quran? 37. What is the Quran and how has it influenced our society? 38. How are women in Islam viewed in today's day and age? 39. How many muslim women are in Britain? 40. Is Islam compatible with modern life?