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Sorsn and Islamic Dating. ( is dedicated sweedish men to Muslim dating in North America. We offer a wide range of services and resources to Muslim dating from finding a good Muslim man, to finding a great Muslim woman, to helping you find a date that suits your own life style. We are here to help with the Muslim dating experience in North America, and we hope to bring a new level of understanding to the many Muslims who are trying to find love in this country. Our goal is to bring some of the traditional dating and marriage in the Muslim world to our American readers. It will be a fun ride, and we hope you will join us. In the meantime, check out our site and get in touch with us!

We are a private company owned and operated by three beautiful Muslim American women. We are all full-time college students, living and working in Northern California, and we share our passions of making Muslim dating easier for everyone. We are extremely open and honest in uae girls our dealings with all our clients. We are confident that our site will help bring the world of Muslim dating to your home and work. It's been a pleasure to work with all of you, and we hope to see you soon!

Shadab Alshammari (Hannah) is the owner and founder of the site, which is named after her childhood pet. She studied Sociology at UC San Diego before obtaining a Masters in Sociology from edmonton muslim the University of California, Berkeley.

Sasha Ismail (Sara) is the CEO of the company, which has developed over 50 Muslim dating websites. She has been involved with Muslim dating websites since 2010 and has worked for numerous clients in the business.

Sara is a professional photographer and has been documenting her travels as a Muslim woman for more than 4 years. She is also a self-proclaimed atheist and a practicing Muslim. Her blog is The New Atheist and her book, Muslim Female Dating Guidebook was released on July 17th 20

She also has a Facebook account and is actively promoting her own dating site, "Shame on Shady Media." A lot of you may know Sara for her blog, which she has been promoting since 2012. Her blog was the first to cover topics such as Islamophobia, sexism, and the "othering" of Muslim women. Sara's work has also been featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine. She has even created her own podcast. In 2015, she began posting her personal videos online on her Youtube Channel. The videos showcase some of the many ways she has experienced and experienced Islamophobia. In this post, I would like to focus on one of Sara's videos which showcases the most common misconceptions about Islam in the western media. Sara's video begins by explaining that the majority of Muslims believe that the Koran is the literal word of Allah. She also points out that the Koran's description of the "Muslim" is similar to that of a Buddhist monk. The narrator then goes on to say: "When you're at home in your home country, you can't just walk in the streets saying 'Allah is my God.'" Sara then points out that while Muslims worship in Mecca, there are a large amount of Muslims living outside of the Muslim world, and that is why "Muslims are very often treated as if they are an outsider in their own countries." The video ends by saying that while there is a huge amount of hatred towards Muslims in western countries, "in our homes we have a whole lot of love and peace." Sara then goes on to say that "It's important to keep in mind that there indian matrimonial sites in canada is a great deal of discrimination towards Muslims because of our faith, and not because we are Muslim. We should be happy that we have the rights and freedoms that we do, even if we're not Muslim." While I'm a Muslim, I believe Sara's words and that I think that she did an amazing job of putting Islam in the West's eye. It's very easy to be ignorant about Islam and see it as something that only Muslims do. However, there are millions of Muslims all over the world that love this beautiful religion, and that is why they are so often the targets of hatred. It's important that we show the rest of the world that Islam isn't all bad. This isn't the first time that I've seen an American documentary on Islam that has portrayed muslims marriage Islam in a positive light. In 2008's "I Saw Jihad" by John Dower, the documentary was made to show the positive side of Islam. The documentary was praised by the New York Post for being well made and "funny," which I find to be very commendable. As I was watching "I Saw Jihad" I thought about the many reasons why this documentary was so well-made and why so many people find it entertaining. The main reason for this is that it was made in English. I mean, really…what else can you do in an English language documentary? That doesn't mean that the film didn't get some wrong-headed assumptions. I mean, the film tries to convince viewers that it is not true that all Muslims are terrorists and that it's actually the "liberal media" and "the left" that are promoting these types of narratives. There was also a lot of misinformation in the film that was presented as fact (e.g. that all Muslim men don't want to marry westerners). I was a bit upset about vivastreet pakistani this because I was wondering why they were presenting this as fact when it seems so obvious to most that most Muslim men are very happy with their relationships with their wives. And I think the film also over-used this idea that Muslims are "Islamophobic" (this is a common misconception that is usually linked to the left, because sex dating bristol if you look at the media, it is "the left" that is the source of all this Islamophobia).